Wednesday, December 02, 2009


The super-awesome Tamara gave me a shiny new award! Isn’t it pretty? It really turned around a pretty astoundingly difficult few days, so thanks Tamara!


I’m supposed to post six (6) random things about me, but I figure I write about me all the time, so I thought I would post six (6) things I’ve learned since I got home last week. Here goes:

  1. I really like M. Ward’s music. I had no idea until I fell in love with the song “One Life Away” about two days ago.
  2. I am officially crazy. it’s usually hard to come home but this time has been off-the-charts horrible. I really want to figure out where I belong again because right now it’s a big scary nowhere. And I keep crying which isn’t a good thing.
  3. I like being a little bit eccentric, but being ‘the weird one’ for the last couple of months has made me desperate to be normal.
  4. I remember a lot more tai chi than I’d expected, plus it felt AMAZING to relearn some of the sword stuff last night :)
  5. You can have fun in the strangest places. Like the scene of a hilarious (and therefore rather embarrassing) Saturday night a few months ago. I wound up going back there last night to meet up with some other people and had a blast!
  6. I find conspiracy theorists vastly entertaining. I spent an hour learning about David Icke’s lizard-people theory today. I particularly enjoyed his theory of social acceptance on his ideas – i.e. the more people ridicule him, the greater the probability of there being true. I also really enjoyed his listing the queen of England as “seriously reptilian” – as opposed to moderately reptilian? Reptilian on weekends?

Now I tag… Leia, Candice, Athena, Kath, Becca, and Frankie!

Congratulations girls!


po said...

Ok I have no idea about this lizard people theory. Shall have to go read!

Tamara said...

Ditto to what Po said.

But on no.2, I don't think you're crazy. beign away for weeks on end means big adjustments when you get back. And that is not always so much fun.

Candice said...

Aw... Thank you!

And as my friend Claire used to say, "I'm not weird - I'm gifted!" ;)

Helen said...

Po: Be warned, there's a lot of stuff out there and you can lose DAYS! That said, i ahve to give props for his recognising the importance of reptiles...

Tamara: thanks! And thanks again for the award!

Candice: My pleasure! Gifted is good :)