Monday, December 07, 2009


So this weekend was INSANE! I spent most of it rushing around from place to place and dying of heat (never plan four different things on the Saturday after the Killers concert…), but it was totally awesome anyway.

I’m too tired to give many details so here you go:

We went to the KILLERS! It was awesome!


Although there were rather a lot of people. i was lucky enough to be able to see the stage (as I’m a bit on the tall side), even though we were behind about six GIaNT mutants (who were all friends, which was so strange). My friends are shorter than me but seemed ok with looking at the screens and jumping around like maniacs.

k4 Witness the rather scary progression: from all dressed-up, to all-dressed up and rained on (sorry for the weird crop, CG would kill me for putting photos of her up here)

 k5k3 k2

… to exhausted, rained-on and all-screamed out (and still wearing a seatbelt). I have to admit to spazzing-out completely when they started the “I’ve got soul” bit. I’m talking jumping up and down and SHRIEKING “It’s my song! Oh my gosh! it’s my song! they’re playing my song! Oh my gosh ohmygoshohmgosh!” and so on. What can I say, I have a a history with it. Note the flashing bunny-ears as well. They kept us entertained for most of the evening (the others got pink ones, I got blue ones) as well as the drive home, not to mention annoying enough of the tall people to get them out of our way…

After getting back and joining in an epic guitar-hero rock band game and generally being  bit over-tired and therefore manic we collapsed and I woke up the next morning to rush home and change, meet someone for coffee and go off to Tamara’s open house market-ty thing. It was AWESOME, the jewellery was absolutely stunning and I’ve already hijacked a Christmas present for me (they look better on me than the potential giftee anyway). Don’t judge me!

From there it was off to Athena’s braai, where I met a bunch of new people, got to document extreme pool-entries:


Appreciated some awesome T-shirts:


Reconnected with an old friend (who is also a blogger…). If we ever start a band i think this should be the album-cover. The angry face in my case was the product of extreme exhaustion, not unhappiness!


Appreciated Athena’s super-braai skills (she’s vegetarian, yet quite talented at cooking dead things)


Attempted to take another lab-photo


If we could stop laughing for long enough to take it…


If you’d seen attempt number two, you’d understand my grimace…

And of course, flashing (and fluffy) blue ears, while a total bonus, didn’t quite fulfil my weekend-hat-requirement. Fortunately Tom’s hat DID. Anyone in Spain who feels like buying me a hat, please do so! This one is AWESOME!


Unfortunately while the fun didn’t end there, I left my cameras at home for the rest of the weekend, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

Now to recover and face the week ahead! Which is easier when you have exciting things, like my appointment to re-blueify my hair tomorrow. And of course, visitors like this in the lab:

Image157 Image154



po said...

Wow, what an awesome weekend! I barely got out of bed! Can I live vicariously through you? That little dude is soooo cute, and it is so cool cos you guys are zoologists and so you will keep the little guy alive, unnlike other dodgy labs that do nasty things to adorable rodents!

Yay for zoologists!

Kath Lockett said...

Wow - I need a lie down now....

...but that could be because we had my parents stay for the weekend....!

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

sounds like a totally awesome weekend. want a pair of those bunny ears. mine don't flash.

Candice said...

Oh my! What are those cute, furry little things (I'm not referring to the bunny ears!)? I want one!

Helen said...

Po: we'd never do horrible things to cute little animals! Just don't look in the freezer ok?

Kath: oh gosh, I hope you recover soon!

Skinnybitches: they're awesome! If I ever see them being sold anywhere I'll get you some ok? I'm saving mind for when our band starts live gigs :)

Candice: they are dormice, sadly not ours but they come and visit sometimes. We're hoping to grovel enough to get one though, they're super-cute! Even if they tend to bite supervisors...