Monday, December 14, 2009

Silliness aside

Sorry, the previous post was from earlier when La and I were in a
silly mood! The three of us are currently on holiday in the very
lovely limpopo which is currently cold and cloudy but very pretty!

Following a crazy weekend of reconnecting with old friends, hanging
out with the usual gang, participating in a flash-mob, going to see a
couple of bands and feeling all maternal towards indie musicians and
generally loving being young, blue-haired and yet old enough to drive,
I needed some time to recuperate a bit...

We've settled in nicely, we're staying at La's boss's holiday place
which is beautiful- I'm settled in a weird attic-type place. I was the
first to pick a room and of course I picked the one with stairs and no
easy bathroom access. I guess I have an inner romantic after all!

Otherwise we've done some exploring, been welcomed to the park with
pancakes (at this rate if I fit into my clothes at the end of the week
I'll be surprised) seen some bokkies, argued over bird IDs (yes, it
turns out I've learned something over the years) and laughed a lot.

For once I'm NOT the only one taking flak for boy issues (I don't
collect said issues on purpose) which is really nice for a change!

I don't know if I'll get another chance to post this week, so if not
I'll see you all on the weekend!

Anyone got anything exciting planned before then?


Kath Lockett said...

Nothing exciting planned - just events relating to Sapphire's last week of school before her summer holidays start....
...and trying to shake of a mild case of gastro, headache and total lack of energy that saw me head straight back to bed after I took her to school and sleep for four hours....

po said...

Hehe sounds like a blast! I just have millions of Christmas parties where I shall explode out of my clothes.

EEbEE said...

Laura is visiting me in PMB today!

Got a random phone call from her yesterday.

If any of you happen to be passing PMB give me a shout and I'll join you for coffee or something.

I presume i'm the only blogger in this forsaken place ;)

Leia said...

I wont see you on the weekend - only next week!! Im doing a recreational climber course... (eeeeeek!!!) For the rest of this week, im doing vegetation (kill me now, pls!), and trapping next week... Why do I not get a holiday??

Candice said...

Thanks again for an awesome evening of giggling and planning soup recipes for indie boys!