Monday, December 14, 2009


So after many many years I have decided to tell the people I spend time with about the blog that takes so much of my time! La has decided to dictate a post to me:

So it’s a Monday, around 5:30pm listening to Icelandic indie-music, staring at the bush (and the birds) drinking FAR too much (
I’m not driving :) so it’s ok) this week is going to be AWESOME!

I have blue hair!

So to clarify, I’m on holiday! In the bush (of all places) sitting writing a blog post with La who claims to be excited to taste my famous pasta!

And CG is inside doing something technical on her laptop...

This place is beautiful, I’d forgotten the amazing flat limpopo landscape and the birds and the game we’ve seen already.

La says:


hello maters hoe gaan dit????

Yes, i am improving my AFRikaans SKILL RIGHT NOW moet my nie “ judge” (beordeel)?

CG stole my hat and she says “F^%$#^%$ the world!” Can’t expect much less I suppose!

There are no rocks out here, where am I supposed to sit and think about life?

And where are the lizards?


Candice said...

I'm relieved that I understand 1 thing in this post: Icelandic indie music.