Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pre-Killers hyping!

Today is a good day:

  1. it’s the Killers tomorrow! I just found out that my brother and sister-in-law won tickets for tonight’s show which is nice that it happened to people I care about and not just random strangers (although I’m happy for the random-stranger winners too).
  2. I got put rather solidly back in my place the other day and post having a decent cry I felt a lot better and more perspectived.
  3. I took this morning off to sleep in, do a long overdue hair-treatment and chat on Skype to a friend who is on holiday in Thailand. I learned to say “hello” in Thai and had a great laugh at the funny stories (complete with funny voices).
  4. We might be planning a trip to the coast :D
  5. I’ve been invited to the bush week-after-next!
  6. There is a tremendously funny photo of me leaping back from the bouquet in horror at the wedding that just got sent my way (thanks cousin!) and made me laugh and cringe and debate sending it to… I may be persuaded to post it as soon as i get a slightly more glamorous one to put with it!
  7. It’s tai chi night!
  8. We’ve been in ridiculously silly moods today and I’ve been giggling all afternoon! We’re designing a new lab and having to come up with ideas for filling an extra room. I’m pushing for a trampoline or foam pit, other suggestions have included a dassie colony (to go with the penguin colony in the cold-room), fire-ants, a sound-proofed screaming room or a ‘time-out you have a deadline’ room…

On the minus side I have some interesting social developments that seemed to have happened without my noticing.


And it’s the Killers tomorrow night :D


Candice said...

Woo hoo!!! for The Killers! I hope we somehow run into each other tomorrow night!

Have a fab time at Tai Chi!

po said...

OMG dassie colony!!! Definite must.

Enjoy the Killers, don't forget, the Hamster lives.

Anonymous said...

Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself........................................

EEbEE said...

to the EAST coast perhaps? send me some details okay.

Helen said...

Candice: Sad times that I didn't see you there, but well ave to rehash it all over some tea soon!

Po: I'm glad we're on the same page. Now to convince the others... Gmail did sugest a website on 'covert hyponosis techniques' a little whle ago...

Anonymous: you're my fist spammer in a while. Keep it up and I'll have to add word verification...

EEbEE: I'll keep you posted!