Saturday, November 07, 2009

Dilemma dilemma…

So my connection has spent the last couple of days being mildly annoying, today it gave up completely so I’m feeling all… disconnected.

Today is not about the adventures of Lizard-Girl – after a day of a tractor driving in circles around the house (I’m not used to hearing ‘traffic’ of any kind so I found it unbearably loud and irritating and besides, they set the farm on fire yesterday without telling me first (it’s firebreak season and good cool-burn weather as it’s STILL raining) and when I asked them what they were doing they kind of giggled and said “Caught us red handed? Heh heh…” in a dodgy old farmer kind of way.

I went to yell at the tractor drivers today and they asked to speak to my husband. I’m starting to think seriously about taking my sword along next time I go to speak to someone.

Anyway to the dilemma: IF all goes according to plan i should be back in Joburg for the last weekend in November for my cousin’s wedding and to acclimatise to the colder temperatures and general noise before i have to handle far FAR worse at the Killers concert (I’m so excited!!!!).

I have also heard that the person working for me at the vet has been away almost as much as me in the last few months and she’s away that weekend, so the vets have begged me to work.

So schedule:

9am – 12:30am work at vet. bear in mind that the clients like to be friendly and chat, and as I’m usually rather dishevelled, exhausted and antisocial on a Saturday morning (gotta love Friday nights!) I can’t really dress up too much without the level of comment making me use some of those vicious anti-farmer moves (note to self, leave sword at home). Besides, you never know when something disgusting will happen at the vet and ruin your clothes (or cover them in fur).

1pm: Wedding of the year! I’m actually quite excited as I think the bride and groom are awesomely suited to each other and I haven’t seen that side of the family for ages! I’m guessing I will be changing at work before going across, it’s only about 5-10 minutes drive.

Following that there’s an afternoon tea reception 9here’s hoping there’s coffee!) and then I will probably go off to CGs house in preparation of the great returning-home celebrations (note to self, warn family in advance that they will not be seeing me until I’ve been home for at least a week. they tend to forget this every year).

Dilemma: how the heck do I go from vet-girl to wedding guest to semi-goth girl with minimal facilities/time to change? I’ve been trying to plan an outfit which is horrible difficult as I haven’t got much here and as I’m sure you know trying on is an absolute must in the outfit-planning process. Luke suggested (and I quote) “A chick-suit” which I violently disagreed with. I have a shirt and shoes picked out, but none of my pants will work and I’ll be way too degirlied to handle a skirt. Plus I have no idea what’s appropriate for an afternoon wedding, all the afternoon weddings I’ve been to have involved an evening reception so its mega-formal. What do you wear for post-wedding tea?

To make things more difficult, there is a dress code that we have to include something tartan. Nelspruit wasn’t’ particularly useful in this regard, so I’ve enlisted the help of my super-awesome cousin to get that sorted. I would have asked my mom but we don’t often agree on anything style related and I have nightmares like this:


Or worse… this:


I mean are they backwards or forwards here? I don’t really want a butt in front…

So yes, any (and all) input is greatly appreciated!


Tamara said...

Maybe you can find a nice pair of black pants that will work at Riverside Mall? That way you'll be half dressed in black for the goth stint later. Afternoon weddings are usually smart/casual. Which is code for "you will fit in whether you're wearing a floral satin dress or dark jeans with a smart top".

Tartan... I think it's like leopard print - better in small doses. Does Mr Price not have some tartan stuff in stock? You could always get one of those tartan bows and pin it to a handbag or something.

After the wedding you can just change tops and glam up your eye make-up.

That probably wasn't very helpful.

Helen said...

Thanks Tamara! that helps a lot! My cousin has actually tracked down some pretty tartan ribbons so I will spend the next 2 weeks trying to figure out an interestng way to wear them!

We should cut out some of the school curriculum and put in a module on dress code. It would save so many hassles later in life!