Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My friends have no faith in me

Exhibit A – earlier this evening, on G-chat:

Leia: Hello!!
me: hi!
  guess what I did today!!!
  why do you feel like a dimwit?
Meg: What'd you do????
me: went shopping in nelspruit!
Leia: and....?
me: and went into a veldskoen shop...
  they had awesome non-veldskoen shoes!
I got makeup, and shoes and clip-in blue hair…
Leia: wow... did you buy any awesome non-velskoen shoes???
me: yip
Leia: ;)
me: they're white leather slop-type things, very cute :)
Leia oh awesome!
  Not velskoenny at all!!
me: did you doubt me?
Leia: for a second, i really did!!!

Exhibit B – EEbEE thought i was seeing things when I tried to send him a poo emoticon on G-chat

eebees milestone2

And they think I’m the crazy one!


EEbEE said...

For what it's worth, i was on g-talk which doesn't show the poop emoticon.

all i saw was >>> ~@~

(nothing like a poo at all).

i did think you were having me on though...

Luke said...

Helen, I think you need to come back to Jozi...you are losing your mind...

po said...

So, these shoes.... any hint of veldskoen anywhere whatsoever???

Leia said...

I really was thinking you had lost your mind and gone and bought yourself a pair of velskoen. I was waiting for the announcement that you had found yourself a lekker boerseun, and you were going to elope to some far-flung corner of the country... ;)

Just kidding!!

Helen said...

EEbEE: and you thought I was trying to send a rose and tried to help...

Luke: working on it!

Po: nope, sorry. They're actually very much non-veldskoeny!

Leia: are you feeling ok? I think youre starting to lose your mind without me there to keep an eye on you!