Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things I am learning*


  1. Country music isn’t all that bad: you get to put on an accent while you sing along! (Neko Case’s Karoline = case in point)
  2. Skipping is addictive. Every time I hear an upbeat song I have an urge to grab the rope…
  3. I should stop leaving male models lying around. I keep spotting them out the corner of my eye and freaking that I’ve got an escapee.
  4. sitting around makes me write a lot of blog posts. Rather than ‘I should blog that later’ I generally type up thoughts immediately, which leaves me with a bundle of posts and no real urge to inundate the blogosphere with my random opinions. In the last week I’ve written: views on History, views on feminism, thoughts on new music I’ve discovered I had all along, a really depressing post on a bad day, thoughts on girly-detox, several movie reviews, a list of things I’m looking forward to at home, three more Adventures of Lizard-girl sagas, a life-wishlist, a random realisation that a couple of bloggers are people I know IRL and never made the connection, two open letters, a discussion on the merits of tea and a confession to my connectivity-addiction. Any idea on what to do with them?
  5. life without eyeliner and a hair straightener, while liveable, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I fear my semi-goth days are over as I’m not (as) pasty-white anymore, but we’ll see…
  6. every time the end of the trip draws near I feel a combination of fear and anticipation that leans closer to fear each time. the end of this trip it’s just plain unbridled terror and I don’t know why. It may have to do with worrying that the things and people I have missed are actually very different to the way I’ve over-thought them.
  7. If all your food goes vrot (or extremely suspect) due to long intervals between shopping trips and an extended power-outage you’d be amazed what you can make out of what survived. Like cheese spread, frozen peas, a tin of tuna, a bag of carrots and half an onion.Frozen peas are not just the world’s best impromptu ice-pack. Who knew?
  8. The farmer from next door will only ever visit when a)I’m covered in trapping grime, exhausted and on my way to shower; b) taking a nap and therefore grumpy; c) working while singing along to my ipod or talking to myself. Loudly.
  9. It is gigantically unfair that a week of cooped-upness results in me being unable to even get to the start of my running route. Come on, I exercised before a week ago! Are there no carry-over brownie points?
  10. Whoever invented soup deserves a Nobel prize. And a world soup-inventor day in their honour.
  11. The local farm-hands brought me a tortoise today. I’m not sure why, but I felt as if I should offer them life advice hermit-style in thanks for the offering.

*’Thing’s I’ve learned’ is so last Tuesday… And retro-day is only scheduled for next week…


po said...

Pleas publish all those secret blogposts! Why not, they sound interesting to me!

Luke said...

O-kay...you REALLY need to come home now!

I am impressed Helen! You've attracted a number of male models to scatter around the house! ;)

Tamara said...

You're holding male models hostage in that house?! No wonder you've been there so long!

And yes, like Po, I say PUBLISH!

Janine / Being Brazen said...

Im so with you on the Country music and hair straightner points :)

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

what's this about male models?
no fair!
sorry have to disagree, life without eye liner and hair straightner is not worth living. i got ridiculously curly hair and without my ghd, i would not look human and nothing like some kohl pencil to make the makeup pop.

Helen said...

Po: I think you overestimate my depth of thought... But thanks!

Luke: I'll bring them home and you can have one (but not Sven or Hugo, and Fabrizio goes to Leia)

Tamara: I have my reasons ;) they're very cute actually!

Being Brazen: I'm glad someone else gets it!

Skinny Bitches: I have pretty crazy hair too, it's currently being held down by several hairbands to avoid it reverting to its natural state (which would have been perfect if it was the 80's...) so I see what you're getting at! And I do miss the eyeliner!