Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This should keep you busy!

I’m working on an epic adventures-of post, but it’s late and I’m tired and I figured i should post something today to remind people that I’m not actually all that crazy…

So the other day I took a few photos (to celebrate the single non-rainy day this week) so I’ll try to post them as well.

My apologies for the quality, my connection isn’t the best so I have to shrink them a lot, plus I used a little camera rather than my big scary one!


Meet my kudu (or is it kudus?) This little guy was born while I was here about two years ago and they like to hang out in the garden. Not the best photo but I had to stalk them through the bushes to get it!


Nope, no funny camera angles, this is the gentle type of slope I’ve been working on. Quite far removed from the nasty cliffs I have to climb when trapping doesn’t go well, but this site has some fun boulders to climb over at the top! And don’t be deceived, the slop may be gentle, but it’s slippery, without decent shoes and careful route planning you can slide a long long way down!


This is the view out North from the top of one of the hills. The hill in the distance is the one with the first outcrop that i discovered. The road there is the one that I run on sometimes.


This is the north-eastish view from a bit lower down. The house I stay in is about a third of the way diagonally down from the top left corner, if you’re lucky you can spot it!


It stopped raining the other morning to let the fog have a turn. This was taken at around midday. When the weather gets miserable here it really goes all-out! This is the view from my front door, just by the way.


Depressing much? I think I need a hot cup of tea after remembering this day!


The rocks on the right are one of the first in a string of outcrops, all in easy walking distance from the house. These guys really hate me and they freak out and run whenever they see me. There’s a baby next to the one in the middle but it’s hard to see at this resolution. He’s very cute, just for the record!


The zebra also like to ‘guard’ the study sites from evil scientists like me.


And in case you were wondering, there’s the house! Actually that’s the bathroom, the house is behind it. The rocks on the back right are where I took the first few photos!

So that’s Home. Hope you guys enjoyed the whirlwind tour!


po said...

Thanks so much for sharing your views with us! Every time I read your blog I wish I could see it for myself, but I know that I would be no good doing what you do though!

Hannah said...

You read my mind Helen! I was just going to put in a request for photos of your beautiful country! Ahh must be quite an experience to be surrounded by all that for weeks at a time...

Kath Lockett said...

Nice one - the area looks a lot greener and more lush than I imagined it.

EEbEE said...

So from what i understand, that is all farm land... what do they farm exactly? i didn't see any signs...

Tamara said...

Thanks for the tour ;-) It's nice to be able to picture you in your settings.