Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The big 300!

So I just realised that I have over 300 posts on here! I think this is number 303! As I didn't catch any lizards today I figured I would write about my blog instead (rather than a diatribe on how awful it is when the lizards aren't cooperating and you have the "I'm too sexy for my shirt" song stuck in your head).

Oh and for the record, thanks to everyone who was nice to me when I felt awful yesterday, the headache is almost gone and I've been drinking lots of liquids - my water bottle, which I had thoughtfully filled with Game this morning to stave off the dizziness was totally attacked by ants and I drank most of it anyway! Proud?

So yes, it's been almost three years since I started this blog, I didn't really want to, but I as peer-pressured into it, and having had rather a lot of fun having comment-wars on other people's blogs I figured I might as well go for it. Oddly enough I think that out of all of us I'm the one who still blogs the most regularly, with the exception of Sarah, who started a new blog when she moved to Japan, which makes me giggle on an almost daily basis!

I have weird memories of blogging, from typing out an angry post on email on my phone while my friend and her new boyfriend mauled each other repeatedly in front of me, to one of the first posts, when I'd used out lab's psycho-tap to scrub tiles one Saturday and sprayed water down the front of my pants, on a day when the high-schoolers were touring, so I made a cup of tea and sat and drank it while holding a wad of paper-towel over my lap and writing about how awkward it was. There was the soul-searching (not really) moment when one of my mother's friends accused me of being a goth. there are many many posts on my fieldwork, with my favourite being about a day when everything went totally wrong, but I didn't let it get to me.

I don't ever really have "I should blog this!" moments, although sometimes I do, but generally forget about it until I'm in the middle of another post. I have a few dedicated and awesome readers, and a few who read my blog even though I've never met them! They've also gone in phases, three years ago we had a bunch of Americans living in Korea who we got to know pretty well, then there was the phase with the weird American who freaked out if we didn't comment every day...

There are people who I email regularly as a result of my blog, and people who have blogs that I love reading even though I have no idea who they are- for some reason they make a discussion on their choice of curtains fascinating!

So I guess I should say thanks! Thanks to the friends who forced me to start this. Thanks to the people who read and comment and make it feel like I'm doing more than talking to myself. thanks to the friends who make my life so weird that I have stuff to say! Thanks to the lizards who give me plenty of experiences that I feel the need to retell.

Happy 300 guys!


po said...

I am very glad I found your blog, seriously, reading about you and your lizards is just rad. And so different from my every day boring life.

sarah said...

wow wow wowow! 300!!!!!!!!!! thats awmazing!!!!!!!!!! <3

and i am glad you are feeling better.

ps. who created your blog name? who who who? come on now, you can say it!

Kath Lockett said...

Well done - I'll eat 300 M&Ms in your honour today :)

I haven't forgotten your Awe-Summ meme, just struggling to find seven things I'm good at apart from eating chocolate....

Tamara said...

And thank you... for blogging so that we can learn about lizards, monkeys in diapers, friends who publicly maul each other etc...

Happy 300 and here's to the next 300!

SuvvyGirl said...

Happy 300!!

The Mutant said...

300? Really? Where's all the shirtless Spartan men? Oh wait... you mean this isn't the movie 300? Shit.

Only kidding, congratulations on your awesome landmark. Sorry for being one of those people who drops in and out. I swear I'll do something about that!

EEbEE said...

congrats on reaching this milestone Helen.

(i'm on 32... i've calculated that i will reach 300 in 4 and a half years if i carry on at my current rate)

any advice for us rookie bloggers?

henno said...

I feel like I know lizards a bit better. I hope that's a compliment. Congrats :)

Helen said...

Po: thanks! I love your blog too!

Sarah: you named it! thanks for the awesomeness!

Kath: I hope they were peanut-butter m&m's, otherwise you might have to eat another 300 for me... and I can think of a bunch of awesome things about you!

Tamara: thanks for teaching me all about how not to get ADSL set up in my home!

Suvvygirl: thanks!

Mutant: sorry, no spartans, maybe next time!

EEbEE: my advice to you: write more! And finish that last post already!

Henno: thanks!

Sebastian Anthony said...

I hope I'm still going in 3 years... sheesh!

In the short time I've been around, it's certainly been an education in lizards.

And today... moths and spiders and snakes too, eh!

I foresee a life of natural world-related blogging for you...