Saturday, May 23, 2009

The weirdest ideas

So I had a pretty normal day, went trapping, caught lizards came home, took a nap, measured lizards... what on earth is there for me to blog about?

WAIT! I know! I went to this giant crevice network today, its usually good for a few lizards, but it's massive and you have to trap metres and metres of it to catch anything, so I usually plan a windy day (it;s quite sheltered) and then spend a morning there. So I went rushing off there today, saw a ton of lizards all running into the middle section and I went to set traps.

I decided to start from the left, so I scrambled up to the crevice, put the first trap in and then started thumping it around and adjusting it. The traps have to lie flat, otherwise the little buggers just crawl underneath, so there's always some scraping around to find the best spot. Then I saw something moving. "Hmm, that's odd!" I thought. "Maybe a skink is trying to hide but it's too small or something" so I looked closer.

Whatever it was came a bit closer too. Its tongue started flicking, and then it came even closer. Yip, there I was, messed-up knee, traps in hand, clinging rather precariously to a rather steep bunch of rocks, with my head halfway into a crevice having a staring match with a rather large snake. I felt like I levitated back about 5 metres, until I realised I'd just taken a step back, and so I rather quickly packed my things up and went somewhere else.

Something made a noise a bit later and I really did levitate - vertically!

In other news, my jackal friend is back! wow I should write children's books "Jackal said 'yip!yip!' Helen said 'Yay!'" I've missed having him around to watch or listen to in the evenings.

So anyway I was thinking today, while trapping, about whether or not the colour of nail-polish you have on your fingernails and toenails says anything about your personality. Toenails are covered more often than not by shoes, and so I would think that they might be a slightly more reliable reflection of a person's character, whereas fingernails are something of a statement.

Any thoughts?


po said...

UM. Sorry its just that nail polish and snakes are pretty incongruous thoughts for me.

I think you may have something about the nailpolish. Like for instance my toes are purple, which is kind of weird and dramatic which I think I am, but I am hiding it, especially at work, where I am trying to pretend to be super solemn. So on my fingernails I wear nothing. Cos I am shy.

Actually, wait this is a load of crap, I don't have any fingernails, I chew them off.

sarah said...

heleeeeeeen. i love jackals too... black backed jackals. always wanted one as a pet.

hate snakes. what kind was he? those mambas are atrociously scary.

Tamara said...

I'd be interested to hear your theory on my nail colour...

Metallic bronzish gold on my toenails and nothing on my fingernails, becuase my nails feel heavy if I wear polish so I end up picking it all off.

How big was the staring snake?

Candice said...

Thank you for leaving the snake alone, and not pulling a Steve Erwin-type stunt and trying to hug it or something!

I never paint my fingernails, because 1 tiny chip compels me to redo all of them, and I end up in an OCD spiral. Colour choice generally reflects state of mind - Kirstan has taken to wearing lots of black in Honours!

In the words of Helen and the jackal: "yip yip yay!"

Helen said...

Po: but why? Snakes LOVE nail polish! Just because they can't use it..

Sarah: I have no idea. What am I? A herpetologist? I have no desire to poke and prod and identify somethng scary! For what it's worth it was sort of light greyishy-green and its head was cobra-shaped, but it was totally the wrong colour for the spitting cobras I see quite often.

Tamara: as I said, I dnd't really stick around to look. The head was big, and that's about as much as I stuck around for!

So basically it seems that we have a bunch of south africans with brightly painted toenails and nothing on the fngernails... interesting! For the record my toenails are lumo-pink, the fingernails change according to who I feel like upsetting (black for the normal friends, orange or pink for the gothy-friends, nothing at all most of the time because the bright colours upset my birds). Fingernails are blackk at the moment- it hides the dirt, totally matches my trapping outfit and I found a bottle in my toiletry bag when I was bored the other day.

Susan said...

Your stories make a wonderful background for a book. I mean it is ripe with great fodder.

Those lizards are silly characters.