Friday, May 01, 2009

The guilt!

So last night I was tasked with finishing our ADSL cap - this happens every month, we have a 1-gig cap and my family is so paranoid about running out that they never use it and I generally get told to use up half of it in an hour flat.
And so I started lookung up cruelty-free products. I have had a sneaking suspicion about my facewash for a while, so I changed over when I ran out to one that had "NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS" emblazoned all over it, and to be honest I like it better than my old one anyway. I always figured that testing on animals is so not cool when it ocmes to things like cosmetics and shampoo. I eman really, I'm sure you can find a opoor student and pay them to review your products? It would cost more but you'd get more feedback than from say, a rabbit!
So I found a few websites listing the culprits.
I know a few of the big names, Maybelline, L'Oreal and so on, but I had no idea how many of the other smaller brands fit into the bigger companies! And how hard it it to find some things here - I had never though of checking up on my contact lens solution for example! I know that shampoo is a biggie and I hate to admit this, but I switched brands a little while ago and never thought to check.
I think I'm safe on that one, but I'm going to go look at the bottle now...
I feel like a bad person!


sarah said...

you cant feel like a bad person now, hels

the only thing you can do is pay attention from now on...