Monday, May 06, 2013

complaints and complaining

My brother works in marketing, and always says that the people who call customer-complaint numbers are generally pensioner-age. Which is why I;m a bit alarmed to see the speed of my complaining response. In the last few weeks I have been furious with: the petrol station for false advertising (they have huge flags outside saying credit and debit cards accepted!, and after half an hour of queueing told me the card machine wasn't working), the book shop for... lets not go there, my cellphone service provider (once again don't go there), and my gym (only one branch, where there are fleas).

The thing is, complaining gets stuff done. Ok, I know I'm not the one to thank for the gym upgrade, that was happening already. But I got the items I wanted, with gift vouchers, apologies and prompt service. I knew my phone service provider was going to be a nightmare, there was never any question about it. So I calmly called them up, had a screaming match, complained bitterly on hellopeter for 5 minutes and waited for my problems to be resolved.

Why? Because last time when I got my upgrade it was the only way to get it done. complain and make a public noise and the managers come to shut you up, and in the process do what you needed doing in the first place. Maybe I'm cranky and difficult but I'm tired of waiting for things to happen.

I do feel a little difficult. I know I worked behind counters for a good decade while studying and looking for work. I've been yelled at by every type of cranky customer, and it's usually not reasonable or fun or easy. But I also know that I worked in that environment, it's possible for one person to manage a busy counter, while answering the phone and keeping the place tidy and organised. So then four people are working, one is helping customers while 3 stare into space and ignore the ringing phone then am I a bad person to tell their management that at least 2 of them need to be shouted at?

Anyway I am currently delighted with my soon-to-be cellphone network, who have bent over backwards to help me get sorted out. Maybe if I thank them profusely (and publicly) enough, my bad karma might be partially replaced?


Prixie said...

What a bad run of service! So sorry about that. But hey, at least the cell phone service provider is a silver lining...