Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Attracting strange people

It seems that wherever I go I end up with a strange contingent* (is that the right word?) of hangers on. It is even worse when La is with me, I think we feed off each other's energy and create some kind of crazy-person whirlpool. We had the managers, the green-haired guy, the person in a position of power who may not be named, the strange girls in the bathroom, the very honest gentlemen, the very rude people...

So I generally figure if I go out with her, weird things happen, if I don't then it's usually a quiet evening. Anyway I forgot to defrost anything yesterday, so after a rather frustrating day, and a tough gym session, P1 and I decided to go and get some dinner. Where we were asked to baby-sit a girl by her ex-boyfriend (10 minutes after he dumped her, but then wouldn't leave her. Communication man... communication is key... and it's the girl's job!), and the old guy with a bowtie who asked us if he could join us for a 3-some.

*It isn't always a bad thing. Some of my favourite people in the world are randoms I have collected on evenings out. Heck I picked up P1 in a dodgy pool-bar, so I guess it's a case of taking the good with the... interesting?

In other news I feel like I have shoulder-spasm, tension style. Apparently it is normal and just a result of torturing my shoulders with heavy weights.

I am also leaving my Blackberry and going Android.  It makes me sad because I have been very happy with my Blackberry, but it's a good deal, i'm due for an upgrade and its shiiiineeeeeee.

And this post makes no sense so here is a random picture: