Monday, May 13, 2013

fallen by the wayside

I was thinking about pictures. I take a lot of them, most of them never get further than my harddrive. I have a collection of photoframes with no pictures in them (soon to be corrected, I keep promising). I am a champion of backing up when it comes to work, but pictures are big, and it's difficult, and and and...

I have dropbox now and I put a lot of pictures in there, I do facebook a few, but never all. My laptop doesn't turn on anymore, I got it at the end of my honours year, and I managed to get it to the end of my PhD - it became a very important issue to make sure I started and finished on it, even thought I had dragged it all over the country, worked on it halfway up cliffs and basically wore it out completely. My netbook died an ugly death - I sopped it down a flight of stairs and it survived, then I stood on it.

And I realised now that there are pictures on them. The netbook I think can have the harddrive pulled out and reused, I hope my laptop can be connected, it is old now. I have ancient photos from my film-camera  childhood, and I love stumbling across them, going through the old envelopes and remembering things. My trip to Namibia, hanging out in Jersey with my Dad, traveling around South Africa with Luke - all of those memories are in there. I just have to stop being lazy about making sure I can hold onto them.

It just makes me feel old that finding the old photo-sleeve in the back of the cupboard won't be happening anymore. Saving the good photos doesn't seem as important as the surprise-photos that use to come out of the developers lab.