Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things I've learned - moving out edition

1. You need very little furniture.  Camping stuff is awesome: have guest over then camping mattress on carpet is fine.

2. Groceries stop magically appearing in the cupboard.  Shopping stops being fun.  Weird things like herbs and flour and toilet paper and teabags end up being very frustrating as they either get forgotten or you don't realise you need them until you need them (not toilet paper, I knew about that one).

3. it takes very little to make a place dirty and while I'm fortunate in that it's small enough to clean quickly, the motivation to pull out the vacuum cleaner can be difficult to find. I blame our country's pervasive maid-culture for my horror at how quickly shelves get dusty.

4. Having a laundry service is fantastic.  Diminishing return of underwear not so much.

5. staying somewhere else for a few days makes me cranky.  Furniture or no furniture I loved being in my sanctuary.

6. People coming to visit when I haven't cleaned first really upsets me.  For the people who do visit: I clean on Mondays so please don't visit on or after Thursday without giving me a day or so warning.

7. Things are expensive.  I had lots of create furnishing and decorating ideas - almost all of which are on hold pending budget allocations.

8. On that note I love stripes.

9. Christmas lights are impossible to find in March, April or May,  here's hoping June will be better.

10. It is possible to get ridiculously excited about an ice tray, dustbins (I don't have any yet) and similar random home stuff that I always took for granted before I had to get them.

P.S. tupperware too


Prixie said...

Yes, yes...I am learning all those things too...what with the new house.