Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nothing makes you feel more loved

Than sitting in the hospital getting a tour of your liver-veins (which are totally pretty apparently), while work phones to scream at you for not 'asking permission' for a sick day.

Sorry I went to find out if I will get cancer.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Game of Thrones problems

OK, so I've been watching Game of thrones since the first release. I started getting into it and needed a book to read. So I started with book 1, carried on... at that time I was pre-graduated and unemployed so I read a lot. Right now I am wading my way through book 5. I say wading because the books are MASSIVE, I am too tired tor ead most of the time, and the jumping between characters, while fantastic for on-screen (and pretty much the only way to manage so many storylines) gets a bit annoying. Plus I tend to take breaks and read other stuff for months between big books.

My problem is that nobody else seems to read them. P1 started at last, but that is book 1. I know someone who I think should be up to book 3 by now, but he has little kids, so reading time is limited. Do you know how frustrating it is when everyone in the world is watching it and they discuss it and then they ask questions and then tell me not to answer and then tell me to answer and then not to answer.

Plus even in book 5 there are twists and new characters and thing that need discussing.

I need more friends who read.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Life would be easier if was only sarcasm that needed explaining.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things I've learned - moving out edition

1. You need very little furniture.  Camping stuff is awesome: have guest over then camping mattress on carpet is fine.

2. Groceries stop magically appearing in the cupboard.  Shopping stops being fun.  Weird things like herbs and flour and toilet paper and teabags end up being very frustrating as they either get forgotten or you don't realise you need them until you need them (not toilet paper, I knew about that one).

3. it takes very little to make a place dirty and while I'm fortunate in that it's small enough to clean quickly, the motivation to pull out the vacuum cleaner can be difficult to find. I blame our country's pervasive maid-culture for my horror at how quickly shelves get dusty.

4. Having a laundry service is fantastic.  Diminishing return of underwear not so much.

5. staying somewhere else for a few days makes me cranky.  Furniture or no furniture I loved being in my sanctuary.

6. People coming to visit when I haven't cleaned first really upsets me.  For the people who do visit: I clean on Mondays so please don't visit on or after Thursday without giving me a day or so warning.

7. Things are expensive.  I had lots of create furnishing and decorating ideas - almost all of which are on hold pending budget allocations.

8. On that note I love stripes.

9. Christmas lights are impossible to find in March, April or May,  here's hoping June will be better.

10. It is possible to get ridiculously excited about an ice tray, dustbins (I don't have any yet) and similar random home stuff that I always took for granted before I had to get them.

P.S. tupperware too

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My phone number has been locked as a random service provider couldn't listen to instructions. 

I am becoming one of those old folks that complain all the time.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Yay for mobile posting :)

Testing testing 123...

Hehe awesome!

fallen by the wayside

I was thinking about pictures. I take a lot of them, most of them never get further than my harddrive. I have a collection of photoframes with no pictures in them (soon to be corrected, I keep promising). I am a champion of backing up when it comes to work, but pictures are big, and it's difficult, and and and...

I have dropbox now and I put a lot of pictures in there, I do facebook a few, but never all. My laptop doesn't turn on anymore, I got it at the end of my honours year, and I managed to get it to the end of my PhD - it became a very important issue to make sure I started and finished on it, even thought I had dragged it all over the country, worked on it halfway up cliffs and basically wore it out completely. My netbook died an ugly death - I sopped it down a flight of stairs and it survived, then I stood on it.

And I realised now that there are pictures on them. The netbook I think can have the harddrive pulled out and reused, I hope my laptop can be connected, it is old now. I have ancient photos from my film-camera  childhood, and I love stumbling across them, going through the old envelopes and remembering things. My trip to Namibia, hanging out in Jersey with my Dad, traveling around South Africa with Luke - all of those memories are in there. I just have to stop being lazy about making sure I can hold onto them.

It just makes me feel old that finding the old photo-sleeve in the back of the cupboard won't be happening anymore. Saving the good photos doesn't seem as important as the surprise-photos that use to come out of the developers lab.

a new era?

Last week after many many fights, tears, pleading phone calls etc etc I got handed my shiny new phone. I'm not sure why I found the whole situation so distressing, I think it was general stress, bad customer service and... good marketing sucking me in? Again?

Anyway I have now downloaded the blogger app, and I am hoping I will be able to update a little more regularly.

As irony would have it (not really, coincidence but whatever) P1 had his phone stolen, the day I got my new one. Here's hoping he can get a shiny new job soon so he can get a shiny new phone and not have to use my elderly blackberry for too long. I also nearly had two punch-ups at Bon Jovi on Saturday. It was a stadium filled with 60 000 hostile females (I made the mistake of walking past someone, who grabbed me by the collar and dragged me across to her so that she could scream at me for invading her personal space). Crazy stuff. The second one was just a nasty person who thought that going to a concert requires single-file walking, and standing completely still while listening to music.

Still a good concert though!

Once again this post makes no sense.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Attracting strange people

It seems that wherever I go I end up with a strange contingent* (is that the right word?) of hangers on. It is even worse when La is with me, I think we feed off each other's energy and create some kind of crazy-person whirlpool. We had the managers, the green-haired guy, the person in a position of power who may not be named, the strange girls in the bathroom, the very honest gentlemen, the very rude people...

So I generally figure if I go out with her, weird things happen, if I don't then it's usually a quiet evening. Anyway I forgot to defrost anything yesterday, so after a rather frustrating day, and a tough gym session, P1 and I decided to go and get some dinner. Where we were asked to baby-sit a girl by her ex-boyfriend (10 minutes after he dumped her, but then wouldn't leave her. Communication man... communication is key... and it's the girl's job!), and the old guy with a bowtie who asked us if he could join us for a 3-some.

*It isn't always a bad thing. Some of my favourite people in the world are randoms I have collected on evenings out. Heck I picked up P1 in a dodgy pool-bar, so I guess it's a case of taking the good with the... interesting?

In other news I feel like I have shoulder-spasm, tension style. Apparently it is normal and just a result of torturing my shoulders with heavy weights.

I am also leaving my Blackberry and going Android.  It makes me sad because I have been very happy with my Blackberry, but it's a good deal, i'm due for an upgrade and its shiiiineeeeeee.

And this post makes no sense so here is a random picture:

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

what I wish a few people in my life would understand

Monday, May 06, 2013

complaints and complaining

My brother works in marketing, and always says that the people who call customer-complaint numbers are generally pensioner-age. Which is why I;m a bit alarmed to see the speed of my complaining response. In the last few weeks I have been furious with: the petrol station for false advertising (they have huge flags outside saying credit and debit cards accepted!, and after half an hour of queueing told me the card machine wasn't working), the book shop for... lets not go there, my cellphone service provider (once again don't go there), and my gym (only one branch, where there are fleas).

The thing is, complaining gets stuff done. Ok, I know I'm not the one to thank for the gym upgrade, that was happening already. But I got the items I wanted, with gift vouchers, apologies and prompt service. I knew my phone service provider was going to be a nightmare, there was never any question about it. So I calmly called them up, had a screaming match, complained bitterly on hellopeter for 5 minutes and waited for my problems to be resolved.

Why? Because last time when I got my upgrade it was the only way to get it done. complain and make a public noise and the managers come to shut you up, and in the process do what you needed doing in the first place. Maybe I'm cranky and difficult but I'm tired of waiting for things to happen.

I do feel a little difficult. I know I worked behind counters for a good decade while studying and looking for work. I've been yelled at by every type of cranky customer, and it's usually not reasonable or fun or easy. But I also know that I worked in that environment, it's possible for one person to manage a busy counter, while answering the phone and keeping the place tidy and organised. So then four people are working, one is helping customers while 3 stare into space and ignore the ringing phone then am I a bad person to tell their management that at least 2 of them need to be shouted at?

Anyway I am currently delighted with my soon-to-be cellphone network, who have bent over backwards to help me get sorted out. Maybe if I thank them profusely (and publicly) enough, my bad karma might be partially replaced?