Saturday, October 10, 2009

The soggy factor

It’s been raining for two days now. I wish I could say I was twitching to get back out there, but I’m kind of enjoying the being cold, getting to sleep in and spending way too much time watching tv shows on my laptop. I watched the first season of the Dollhouse in its entirety over the last few days (admittedly only 12 episodes but anyway), which gave me the WEIRDEST dreams!

I’ve been considering writing my dreams down lately because they are decidedly odd. I believe that dreams are where your subconscious sorts out things that you’re having issues with – I know if I’m fighting with someone or they confuse or upset me I will dream about them periodically until the issue is resolved. Maybe being away from everyone and everything and having the peace and quiet to think through a lot of buried issues means that they’re resurfacing in weird symbolic dreams now?

I need to stay motivated and get a lot of writing and data analysis done now that there are no distractions (unless you count the kudu camping in the garden and the return of the woodpecker…), but right now I’m having fun vegging a bit. don’t judge me!


Jeff said...

Just wanted to say that Charissa's trip in September was canceled. We'll have to get there another way another time. Peace, Jeff

EEbEE said...

They say that writing your dreams down is a great way to progressively improve your dream memory. Most people just take it for granted that they will forget their dream when they wake up.

Kath Lockett said...

Dreams, laptop movies.... whatever gets you through the rain, mate!

Tamara said...

Judge you? I'm jealous!