Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you come here often?

I’ve decided that rather than bemoan the fact that 10 gram lizards are infinitely smarter than me, I’m going to talk about the weird people in the world who somehow stumble across this blog. I don’t mean the regular readers (and you all rock!).

I mean people who have an inexplicable urge to Google:

  • is there anything to do with fish you don’t want anymore (as in Nemo, or leftover fish fingers?
  • lizard bonding feet (anyone care to explain this one?)
  • is there any particular hair salon in bloemfontein I can use (why? would most of them refuse to cut your hair?)
  • Laryngitis complete (the abridged version just wasn’t hurting enough)
  • itboom (again, care to explain?)
  • miss whiplash aka helen (I have a secret identity?)
  • tales of doom (fair enough)
  • lizards eating spaghetti (I thought they liked penne?)
  • m.e. eye and tongue
  • how many days out of a week do herpetologist work (well I’m on 7 right now, in case you didn’t figure it out).
  • better than ftv (why thank you!)
  • what are dangers if you don’t tie your shoelaces
  • lizards like to go in people’s ears (so i should make ear-shaped traps!)
  • do lizards tails move when falling off? yes/no

I hope that somewhere, somehow, you find the answers to your questions. And that you can dispose of the fish before they start to smell funky.


Kath Lockett said...

I still get 'Enid Blyton Nude Tennis' as my most regular search term!

po said...

Hahaha. For the first one, I would say "toilet" but that is just wrong!

Untied shoelaces are dastardly dangerous, you never know when one will whip a gun on you :)

Leia said...

Seriously? This made me laugh - thanks Helen :)

Tamara said...

"lizards like to go in people’s ears"

Do they? Maybe you should ask yours, Helen.

Fun terms ;-)

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

my favourite is "lizards eating spaghetti". what on earth possesses someone to search for that.
fabulous post!

SuvvyGirl said...

So Miss Whiplash any word on the itboom? LOL I really need to figure out how to get one of these little site meter thingys. I can't do it at work because the system is stupid here.

EEbEE said...

lizard bonding feet... hmmm tricky.



what were they thinking??? I'm beat.

sarah said...

miss whiplash!

ahahaha!!!!!!!!! how do you find this out? i want to see what people google search to find me!

i want a cool nickname like a spy tooo!

Helen said...

Kath: that bothers me, I mean either there is someone who REALLY wants to find it, or people across te globe suddenly get the inexplicable urge to research Gnid's tennis-playing outfit (or lack thereof).

Po: good point! Although it amazes me that the world has progressed to a stage where we can google something before learning to tie our shoes...

Leia: my pleasure!

Tamara: I ask them many things, they generally respond by biting me.

Skinny Bitches: I agree, it's insane! Thanks!

Suvvygirl: send me an email f you need help settng it up, i'm' sure we can make a plan!

EEbEE: did you jut blush? I never thought I'd see the day!

Sarah: I will have to start referrng to my evil alter-ego as Miss Whiplash!

Tamara said...

"I ask them many things, they generally respond by biting me."

Bwahahahahaha... I think I may have just peed in my pants (skirt) I laughed so hard!