Monday, March 23, 2009

A rather mundane description of a rather fun weekend

So on Friday, after a lab that went on FOREVER I went straight off to Northgate for movie/girls' night with Storm and Lara and the whole crew. We went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I once again and the experience of seeing a movie that I would usually hate, and absolutely loving it purely because of the people I was with. Whenever something funny happened Lara and I would laugh and then as we finished giggling I would hear Kerry, on my other side cracking up and I'd start laughing all over again.

And then when the movie finished Storm and her cousin randomly decided to head off clubbing without us (when she had been the organiser of the whole thing), so the rest of us went off for drinks and ended up chatting and generally catching up. then when I remembered I'd left my phone on silent and that I was over an hour later that I'd told my folks and they were throwing a fit. So I scuttled off home and passed out until about 20 minutes before I was due at work at the vet on Saturday.

Oh, and for some reason that movie made me REALLY want to go shopping. It was very strange!

I somehow made it to work in time, to find out that it was a public holiday, the vet was closed and there were a lot of angry people with sick dogs in the parking lot One of them was the cutest puppy EVER! But as it happened I didn't have the vet's cellphone number on me, nobody was answering their phones, and I got tired of being yelled at so I left and went two blocks down the road to visit Lara at work, where we sympathised at each other for mutual tiredness and I got some movies and headed home to do my marking in front of the tv.

Then i lay down for 5 minutes, and woke up several hours later when summoned for lunch, which I literally ate with my eyes closed (a tricky skill when it comes to soup) and headed back to bed, getting up in time to go to gym and buy fudge ingredients. Apparently I wasn't as awake as I though as I bought the wrong ingredients, but I had an awesome gym session and left feeling all invigorated and stuff and so I went home and made brownies instead of fudge (the joy of having a recipe that used ingredients that really are usually lying around the house) and went off to Chief Goth's house.

Where it turned out that storm was "too tired" to join us! Lara was livid and basically the evening consisted of us trying some new wine that CG had bought and listening to the two of them bitching about Storm. While I see their point, I felt kind of awkward when they said things like "I see more of Helen than I do of Storm!" well... I would hope so! Eventually La picked up on it and pointed out that that is pretty amazing considering I don't live I the same city as them half the time, and so we played guitar hero.

Sunday was horrible, I was a zombie all day again, to the point where I think I worried Luke a bit when I spoke to him and all I could say was that life sucked and my feet were cold. At this stage it was well into the afternoon and I had gone back to bed. Eventually I got up, freaked at the time as I was late for church and went dashing out the house to meet my mom in the driveway where I realized that it was actually an hour earlier than I thought it was, and so I carried on marking, went to church and then went off to gm where I nearly collapsed.