Friday, March 20, 2009


So in celebration of our having had a coffee machine for over two weeks we went and got donuts and pretended to e cops eating donuts and drinking coffee. I managed to convince Luke (a non-coffee drinker) to pour coffee ito his white hot chocolate - the result being that now I have to drink the stuff. Whoops. It's actually quite nice!

Now that I've spent the most part of the last 5 weeks teacing and/or marking, I find myself a little bit sad that the second year course is over. I still have my first year kiddies until I go off on fieldwork and pawn them off on someone else, but I think there's something infinitely more fun about teaching something I actually know, and haivng a huge group so if someone annoys you oyu can arrange to be on the other side of the room at all times (that's a carefully cultivated skill).

I sat in the lab and marked until late last night - my fist years are mostly passing, but for some reason can't wrap their OBEd little heads around scale and magnification. apparently there is a liver parasite out there roughly the size of Gauteng - the poor darling multiplied instead of divididng and then converted backwards - ending up with metres instead of micrometres. While I understand that it's tricky, surely they should notice that the segment the looked at was not 17 m long?

I must go off to a prelab now, where we will be taught nothing of use andthen I'll be spending lunch cramming so that I can be of some use to the children later.

And then I have girls' night tonight, I'm so excited! I haven't seen osme of my friends in months and I can't wait to go and see a good old chick flick and have dinner and man-bashing (not that I have anything against most guys, but they need someone to provide sympathy...)


sarah said...

eat a donut for meeeeee!!!!

Candice said...

He he... 17 metres?! I'm too afraid to leave the house now! ;)