Friday, March 20, 2009

Ink-blot tests

So marking undergrrad drawings is somewhat like doing inkblot tests. I had to mark drawings of worms which looked like breakfast, maps, basketball courts, not to mention the longitudinal sections which get unbelievably phallic... Luke in the bakground, gigglng at doesn't really help.

At the same time I'm marking the second years who had to answer questions about birds. Here are some of this year's gems:

Eagles eat kids

Flamingos squeeze food in their tongue
The also eat by using their erectile tissue

Flamingos are pink so that they're camouflages amongst the flamingos (circular much?)

Birds eat anything they can get their claws on (I'm quoting here)

A flightless bird other than an ostrich is a volstruis (i.e. there are ostriches and afrikaans ostriches)

Parrots have great muscle

The kneecap is known as the photata

Ostriches are totally flghtless because they have bone marrow

And of course the classic: Owls eat lawns at night. Sometimes even hedges.

And they say that teaching is boring?


po said...

h my. EAting with erectile tissue? This I would like to see. Or maybe not.

SuvvyGirl said...

LOL I can't stop giggling!! Are these people having their much, much younger siblings write these for them?!! I get some of the funniest pictures in my mind reading some of these.

EEbEE said...

Thank you...


sarah said...

thats great!!!!!!!

Candice said...

He he he! My new goal in life is to see the lawn and hedge-eating owls!

Hannah said...

These are second-year UNI students?