Wednesday, March 04, 2009

By popular demand

Here is a picture of the monkey I was playing with on Sunday. It's just from my phone, so nothing too exciting, but as anyone who has had much t do with monkeys will tell you: taking anything that might be fragile, delicate, expensive and/or breakable in any way is a bad idea.

For the record they love removing their nappies (diapers) and so we put them on backwards so they can't find the tabs. And when they get older and figure it out we give them little tape-belts - works like a charm!


SuvvyGirl said...

:D Very adorable!! And I have often thought about duct taping lily's diaper on. LOL Thanks for the picture!! And I'm still jealous!!

Jeff said...

That's how they're keeping this thing on me! I knew there was a trick.

In other news... I read this and thought of you ( Not really because of the details, but because you are mindful of the sciences, shall we say. I'm not trying to say anything about your scoliosis or your phrenological realities! Goodness.


sarah said...

he is very very cuuute!

right now, my first graders are reading a chapter in their textbooks about Kanzi the Bonobo and they have gone monkey mad :p

it makes for entertaining classes

Kath Lockett said...

What a clever idea! I hope there will be more photos of your adventures..... they may be 'normal' for you but are very interesting for most of your readers!