Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My favourite things!

I stole this from Jenty

Favourite Shop – I hate shopping, much more of a fleamarket type! I did find an obscure vintage place near my house that was very cool though!
Favourite chocolate – nutella!
Favourite food – soup, anything involving bacon (my mother has banned it from the house to ‘reduce our dependency on nitrates’ so I am a bacon hoover whenever I’m not home.
Favourite meal that I make – I guess ginger chicken stirfry. I made coconut lemon chicken the other day but it wasn’t well received (my family took exception to the 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper).
Favourite flower – daffodils, they’re dfferent, and I love yellow!
Favourite colour to wear – blue
Favourite shoes – right now I think its my death-butterfly skater shoes with 80-threw-up laces. I like pretty heels but my leg hsn’t recovered enough for me to wear them yet.
Favourite drink – in a G&T phase right now
Favourite lens – My old faithful 18-55
Favourite place to walk the dogs – Along the river near my house, they love it! 
Favourite coffee for every day at home – Anything from grounds, I think if you’re organised enough you should never have to drink instant coffee (shudder). I also rarely drink coffee at home as I’m trying to avoid those caffeine-headaches by limiting t to work/lab only.
Favourite coffee shop
– Cafe Vida!
Favourite pizza place – Luigi’s, or Col’Cacchios (which is where I learned that avocado is not entirely awful and should be eaten with biltong!)
Favourite place to take photos – anywhere, I love walking around with my camera, although that is much harder in the city than off in the bush somewhere.
Favourite place for holidays – Holiday? that seems like such a distant concept… I love going anywhere though, right now I have pipelined two hiking trip, a diving trips and a family trip to Namibia. Just need to finish a degree first…
Favourite joghurt – anything that doesn’t have disgusting chunks of ‘fruit’ in it. Lately I’ve been eating a lot of vanilla yoghurt with dried cranberries thrown in, but that’s more to do with it being in the fridge than my seeking it out.
Favourite website – the one where I get to see my niece everyday!


Fiona said...

"obscure vintage place near my house that was very cool though!"....oooh please tell me where? I love old vintage shops!!!