Thursday, March 24, 2011


yay, it’s been forever since I got an award and now bonda84 from life, love and other everyday adventures has given me this shiny one:


Which might just drag me out of blogger apathy for a while (Not sure if ‘stylish’ really applies to me considering that the best part of my year so far has been running around with pink hair, but I do like shiny things so I think I’ll keep it).  So the usual drill applies: 7 things about me, plus a bunch of people to give it to.

  1. I love climbing trees but am actually not much good at it. I also tore my jeans on a tree on the weekend.
  2. I love running to ridiculous music. The sillier the better. The joy of going to the gym is that I often wonder if anything ‘leaks’ out of my headphones. I never know if the funny looks are from the music they might be able to hear or from the way I giggle at certain stages while red-faced, sweaty and trying desperately to keep running.
  3. I find pictures of animals doing human things (such as sitting at a computer) rather disturbing. Animals wearing clothes is even worse. I do not know how I worked at a petshop for 2 years without having a breakdown in the middle of the dog tracksuits.
  4. there is a website called . Seriously.
  5. I got stung by a scorpion for the first time last weekend. It still hurts.
  6. I use dog shampoo. It works fantastically well as well as being sulphate free, paraben free and soap free. It’s also a fraction of the price of the equivalent in human shampoo (and it wasn’t tested on animals either). So about that stylish award…
  7. I have always been fascinated by the circus, and Cirque du Soleil was incredible enough to reawaken my old dream of running away and joining the circus. P1 said I bounced continuously for the full 2 hours.

So, who to give this to… I guess if you’re feeling more stylish than me (i.e. if you are a normal functioning human being) then feel free to take it if you’re someone who reads this and comments occasionally. just let me know please! And Vanessa, who just got her first blog and therefore requires a first award and will never take it unless it’s forced on her.


Nes said...

I have a badge! Yay! :)

Tamara said...

I'm great at climbing trees. Not so great at getting down though.

I hear horse shampoo is the best - boosts volume and makes shiny. But my hair is too thick as is, so I'm not planning on trying it.