Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why I should never be hired as a house-sitter

I am currently babysitting a house and five dogs.

I have already:

  • locked myself out the house (to be fair, I had the keys, but the lock was jammed)
  • set the burglar alarm off about 8 times, had the security company call the owners every time the alarm went off (which means they call me, and I apologise a lot)
  • Broke into the house by borrowing my bosses small children and sending one of them in through a window
  • Had a dog climb into my car and refuse to get out, including growling and snarling when I tried to coax her out before she drooled on my iPod too much
  • Had flu and spent a weekend on their couch in front of the TV.
  • Watched soccer for half an hour before I realised that it wasn’t cricket
  • left the dog beds out in a hailstorm (again to be fair, the summer storms here do come up pretty darn quickly, and I was on the couch with the flu at the time).
  • And had one of the dogs decide that chewing on the carpets is a fun pastime.

Friday, December 17, 2010


This is the awesomest song ever! I can’t believe it’s taken this long to find it… And I don’t care if it’s so last-July, the vuvu still ahs a special place for me. Plus if I’m thinking round-up thoughts, then the 2010 thing needs some reminiscing.

My dog is at the vet today, probably trying to attack my bosses (again), but he’s actually got some vaguely worrying symptoms and I’m hoping they can fix him.

To apologise for his impending day of stress (on Tuesday I took him to work with me and he scraped the top of his nose off on the cage and generally freaked out until he had an upset stomach, the P1 and I took him and my other dog for a long walk along the river yesterday. It’s insane, after two days of torrential rain the river was higher than I’d ever seen it, including little waterfalls and rapids!

Besides being all virtuous and walking dogs, we also went for breakfast, worked on a puzzle and ate a scary amount of macaroni cheese. My kind of public holiday!

On another note, these things are why I don’t have a credit card…

huggable sushi!


ninjabread men!

Rainbow showers!

Cleaning-slippers (and they’re pink!)


And the Schrodinger’s cat is dead/alive shirt just got beaten by this!

Onesies for adults!

OK enough random rubbish for today, I must go and rescue my puppy.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


I am entirely aware that this is a very bad idea. A set of those rattler-magnets (the two bean-shaped magnets that you separate and throw up in the air and they rattle) nearly destroyed my third-year academic results.

But I WANT one!

In related news I went to the doctor today and he gave me a rather scary regimen of various antihistamines/antibiotics and all kind of fun things. As someone who has never been able to finish as much as a tub of multivitamins before their expiry date I’m kind of terrified of being stuck with a very long course of antibiotics. And hints on how to remember them? I’m thinking I might be forced to get one of these:

but they scare me.