Thursday, December 02, 2010


I am entirely aware that this is a very bad idea. A set of those rattler-magnets (the two bean-shaped magnets that you separate and throw up in the air and they rattle) nearly destroyed my third-year academic results.

But I WANT one!

In related news I went to the doctor today and he gave me a rather scary regimen of various antihistamines/antibiotics and all kind of fun things. As someone who has never been able to finish as much as a tub of multivitamins before their expiry date I’m kind of terrified of being stuck with a very long course of antibiotics. And hints on how to remember them? I’m thinking I might be forced to get one of these:

but they scare me.


po said...

Argh that cubey thing is so cooool, my BF likes to fiddle, maybe I should get him one! But then he will never sit still again. You gotta persist with those antibiotics, you gotta, scientists have got to set good examples to the other pill dodgers out there!

Kath Lockett said...

Put it this way - get yourself the magnet in order to cheery yourself up about getting a Days of the Week pill dispenser. Win win!

Candice said...

Get better soon! And have fun at the beach - OR ELSE!!! ;)

Helen said...

Po: thanks for the pep-talk, I'm breaking records by still taking them by now! Well, with a few minor missing-by-half-a-day kind of mishaps!

Kath: I like your logic! Let me graduate first though...

Candice: yes ma'am ;)