Monday, March 22, 2010

New Experiences

So I’ve been quiet… I haven’t even read blogs. Sorry. I missed you all!

That said, it’s been a few weeks of remarkably new experiences and I’ve been so busy trying to keep productive, open-minded and generally head-above-water with everything going on that life sort of got away from me for a bit.

Recently I have:

  • Been to this show:

Yip, they’re spears. Sharp and pointy ones!

which was flipping AMAZING! And the little kids were so so so cute! Yes, I am entirely aware of the fact that they could probably break my kneecaps with a single glance but that’s besides the point!

  • Had my car break down on a main road at the beginning of rush-hour. It was a surprisingly humbling experience as I found once again that people are generally kind – a random stranger pushed my car out of the middle of the road, several offered to help and the AA sent a security guard to sit with me. The security guard (Tshabalala) was awesome and we had a great time chatting, poking at things in my engine to try and see what they do, and he even took over and gave the tow-truck driver directions! The tow-truck driver was awesome too and I learned a lot about towing cars from him! So shout-out to Simon!

Thanks AA! You rock!

  • Had a phone call from a mechanic that started with “Hi ma’am, your car is broken.” You think?
  • saw a movie in 3D! Besides the fact that I hadn’t seen a movie since about December, the 3D-ness was SO cool! I actually ducked a few times! It also made me feel a lot better about missing skating (due to my car deciding to give up for the day) as well as a few other things I’d been a bit down about.

  • Learned to make biohazard stickers! and had many fascinating discussions with shipping companies about said biohazards…
  • Went window shopping for shoes (not really, long story) and thought about trying on some scary heels. There are days when i barely recognise myself!
  • Taken the Magic Hat out again – it started of with me being laughed at for wearing a hat, lead to it being worn by everyone else more than me (it really is magical – it looks good on everyone) and ended up in a near fist-fight when I wanted it back and the primary giggler from earlier refused to let me have it.
  • Reconnected with ‘my’ girls. Everything getting hectic Sciencewise meant that I had very little free time, which was vanishing remarkably quickly to spend time with a *cough*certain gentleman*cough* and being greeted by my friends saying “so how’s married life?” felt like a solid punch in the solar-plexus. Since then I have put my foot down and had the most fantastic girls evening of giggling and gossip and silly prank phone calls and doing karate in the kitchen at midnight (the bruise should fade soon).

And now I’m in the lab on a public holiday getting some much-needed work done while Leia runs around doing complicated stuff with electrical stuff (that’s a lot of stuff). It’s kind of nice, quiet, no little students running around. We had lunch with the unofficial therapist a while ago and there was much hilarity, while I labelled and glued, and double-sided taped and re-taped and parafilmed vials (how flipping awesome is parafilm? Oh wow I love it :) we managed to seal a bunch of sunflower seeds in it! Because we can).

So I will try and write a bit more soon, as soon as things calm down and I figure out exactly how much of my private life I feel like writing about. We’re off hiking this weekend so I’m sure there will be lots to say!


po said...

Hellooo I missed your posts. Yes, parafilm rocks! Sorry to hear about your car, that's a tad inconvenient, to say the least.

Tamara said...

Missed you! Glad the AA was helpful and that you've been enjoying the new experiences.

If you don't give us a nickname for your man, we will be forced to make one up ourselves.

I'm hoping you feel like sharing lots of your private life, just so you know ;-) Nosey parker me.

Helen said...

Po: it's AMAZING! I can't believe we don't have a roll of it in every household! the car is fixed, and I'm being very gentle and talkng nicely to it, and washing and polishing and generally hoping it'll get better with some TLC.

Tamara: Please do, I have no ideas at all at this point ;)