Tuesday, March 02, 2010

As promised

Here are a few photos from two weekends ago, the ones from last weekend are stubbornly sitting in my camera and taunting me, but I will attempt to download them later. Have a lovely Tuesday!

  triumphant return

Our triumphant return from a rather hot and hilly walk… I narrowly escaped being punched for leading the way, but everyone was very proud to make it back to the house after the post-abandoning-undergrads stroll.

why we do this

View from sundowners on one of my favourite spots

found a friend

Walking home. Beats Joburg just a little bit, doesn’t it?

its a velociraptor

Investigating plant-life

luke meg marking2

It really freaks students out if you mark their work while they’re sitting nearby…

megs posing again

And posing. Again. Leia poses a lot, it’s very entertaining because she does it completely accidentally!

monkey behaviour

Luke emulating a monkey. He does that a lot.

more long hills

Up the last hill of the morning


Pretty pretty :)




A ticked-off sunspider

south african skies

Nothing beats a south african summer sky!


A ticked-off orb-web spider



 the pale one and the skydiver

Yip, living in the lab makes you pale…

the wtf eyebrow

Leia’s WTF eyebrow…

tired TAs

and watching the sunset at the end of a long, hot day makes it all worth it!


po said...

Oh man. I really want to go to that place some day. Somehow.

Tamara said...

Looks divine! And I'm pale without living in a lab. Go figure.

Cam said...

Looks like a cool day. Dig the sunspider shot.

Kath Lockett said...

Cool! As I scrolled down, I half-heard some cheery 'tra la la' background music that ideally suited these pictures.

Oh and as for the spiders..... ~shudder~ - the last thing I'd want to do is 'annoy' any of them!

Candice said...

Gorgeous pics! I'm jealous of your weekend awaying (even if it was with undergrads!)!

EEbEE said...

I remember catching a sunspider for my invert collection in undergrad. this is when i learned that killing jars don't work on them... fun fun fun

Also is that Deran!!! holy crap i haven't seen him in AGES!!!!