Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's been a mixed week, starting with enjoying the horrendous sight of the bruises and ended with being really annoyed by the fact that the giant purple blotches are actually a little bit sore. Seriously, I haven't been for a run in a week (busy weekend and then falling off bikes), I can barely manage tai chi and ice-skating with swollen bruises on lower-shins meant that my skates actually gave me beautiful purple bruises-upon-bruises around my ankles. that's a lot of bruises.


  • I can't run. I need to think. I get my thinking done while I run.
  • This weekend could be fun, but could be unbelievably awkward (you know when you know that 3 people are going to the same even and none of them get along and someone will end up freaking out and running off crying while the others sit and listen to the awkward-crickets?)
  • It's hard to skate when you can't really bend your left knee. The cold was a fantastic numbing agent though!
  • Marking. Markingmarkingmarkingmarking
  • Teaching undergradlings to use a computer. Fun times.
  • General lack of sleep made me a bit sick. the fever has gone, so I'm hopng it's over now.


  • I learned a new technique for helping my balance in skating and it made a HUGE difference!
  • an awesome half-hour chat with my tai chi class. I never would have thought that I'd feel so close to a random bunch of people so quickly, particularly since I'm a lot younger than most of them (there are about two people my age and they aren't always there, the rest are my parents' age).
  • I spent the morning with my mom and we didn't fight. To be fair she DID decide to try and set me up with my optometrist (she went as far as saying he had displayed 'mating behaviour' towards me) and I let it slide.
  • Leia is ok, which is a relief as I was very worried about her, and will be reassuring myself of her okay-ness by feeding her copious amounts of chocolate cake over the next few days.
  • my team won at Trivia-night last night! who knew that one team member's knowleddge of obscure geography, another's interest in weird medical conditions and my reading random books on science would be so handy?
  • The students aren't as bad as they were. Annoying and a bit dumb, sure, but they're beginning to show some personality!

All in all not entirely a bad week!

How is everybody else doing?


po said...

Heya, I have been in such a "meh" mood lately that reading your posts always cheer me up. So blog lots, kay?

tattytiara said...

I'm doing alright, although there's not much to report on the displays of mating behaviour front 'round here.

Oh man that made me laugh.

Hannah said...

Heehee. Did he build you a pretty nest before doing a little dance and presenting himself?

Kath Lockett said...

'Mating behaviour' - that is classic!

...and more importantly, was your Mum correct?

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

week has taken forever. am so glad it's friday.
am jealous you can ice-skate, sounds awesome.
also quizzes rule! used to have an awesome pub quiz team but then our league ended.

Candice said...

Thanks for the cooldrink and catch-up session this week! It was awesome to see you!

Now stay away from the elephants this weekend, or you might get more bruises!

Helen said...

Po: thanks, I hope you feel better soon!

Tattyiara: only my mother... it was pretty funny though!

Hannah: no nest-building, but he did adjust my contact-lens prescription, does that count?

Kath: please don't ever do that to Sapphire! and no, we were talking, as you do when you're stuck in a tiny room having lights shone down your pupils for half an hour.

Skinnybitches: we should start a blog-trivia team! Ice-skating isn't that hard, you just have to keep trying :)

Candice; likewise :) and the bruises are almost gone!

Olga said...

Helen, what is that secret technique you have learned for skating? Can you share, pleeease :D ? I think I'll never learn to skate properly... :(((

Helen said...

Olga: there is not secret, I think you just have to keep trying and then one day you find your balance and it sorts itself out. The only real trick is to make sure you bend your knees...