Tuesday, February 16, 2010

you had to be there

While drinking tea, I was telling Leia all about some or otsituation of dramadramadrama:

  Leia: it's like a vicious circle
  Me: of custard!
  Leia: ?
  me: what? Custard is scary!
  Leia 7 me (unrehearsed): run awaaaay!
  cue helpless giggles
Because we rock.


EEbEE said...

I should try fitting the word 'custard' into the meeting with my supervisor tomorrow.

should be tricky, but interesting

po said...

It depends really, if it is that lumpy custard made from a sachet, then it is scary, if it is ultramel, then send some my way!

Kath Lockett said...

I love it! It's kind of like adding the word 'pants' to the end of things.

Take a newspaper article about something to do with politics and add 'pants' on the end:
Kevin Rudd's new Carbon Credit Policy is due to roll out - IN MY PANTS!

Oh and you might not have wanted to see a band that used to play during my single, pub-doing days - Chunky Custard !!!!

Candice said...

lol! I miss you ladies! I will come visit soon!

Helen said...

EEbEE: I thin thats a good idea. Let me know how it goes!

Po: You make a good point, I'm rather fond of ultramel too. Do they get it in the UK?

Kath: we play the 'in my pants' game a lot. And we get little inspirational quotes on sugar packets in restaurants, which can only be read by adding 'in my pants' to the end...

Candice: yay! We have tea...

Tamara said...

I loathe custard. Almost as scary as clowns.

*imagines a bunch of clowns swimming in a pool filled with custard*