Friday, February 05, 2010

At a glance


While recovering from Sunday night’s introduction to coffee-tequila (not so much the tequila part as the twitching and bouncing around until 4am… thanks caffeine) I discovered I can no longer drink coke. Did they add extra sugar recently? It’s like drinking syrup.


Epically bad traffic meant that it took me over an hour and a half to drive 10 km, so although I left home early I was very VERY late to teach my kiddies. They’re a fantastic group though and I had a lot of fun with them (they think I’m crazy because I won’t let them call me ma’am, asked their permission to use bad language in front of them, and I told them to try and balance things so that they can pass their studies and also have some kind of life. Cue terrified undergrads!).

And hour later I met my second-years who are officially the dumbest and most annoying students I’ve ever had to deal with. Oh. My. Word.

Student (holding up a leafy twig): “Does this have leaves in Summer?”

Helen: Well what season is it?

Student: Uh… Summer (one of them thought it was Spring)

Helen: and does it have leaves?

Student: uh… I think so…?

Helen: So does it have leaves in Summer?

Student: I don’t know! How am I supposed to know that? That’s why I asked you!


After a delightful morning of getting actual work done, had to give a safety announcement to the second years – guess what, blades are sharp! It might hurt if you cut yourself. And you may bleed… Shock! Horror! Several students decided the best way to look for stinging hairs on leaves (like nettles and that sort of stinging) was to whip themselves with them.

They decided that the leaves must have stinging hairs because being hit by them (and I quote) “Really hurts”

At least I got to drive out in epic traffic and spend several hours ice-skating backwards (I got put up a class *happy dance*)


Had the BEST tai-chi class ever, going over the form I’m working on bit by tiny bit and nitpicking everything. Left there feeling invincible and went for a run.

Ended up not feeling so invincible. And now I can’t climb stairs.


Got to start my day with the delightful students, some of whom were unable to figure out what a petal was. One of them obviously eats garlic for breakfast (and always needs help that involves you standing nearby), another has the SCARIEST eyebrows I’ve ever seen (she’s waxed them off and drawn them in from the inside corner of her eyes (almost straight) up to her hairline). I am unable to talk to her without my eyes watering. Someone else has glowing eyeshadow (seriously). I hadn’t had coffee, and although some lecturers are quite relaxed, this one will NOT let me take coffee into a lab. grumblegrumblegrumble.

Have a great weekend!


(Courtesy of A Beautiful Revolution of course)


Cam said...

Happy weekend Helen.

I did tai chi in Vietnam...they just doing it when ever they can there. In the street, between rice and noodles, nice to you at a's cool.

po said...

Bar coke often IS a syrup! I also find that they often get the mix wrong and it takes crap.

Hehe something tells me your leaf students should not be scientists, they definitely are not capable of deductive thought.

Candice said...

I think I need to come see eyebrow girl for myself.

And I love the mystery season conversation!

Kath Lockett said...

Oh. My. God, are second years that dumb? Thank god you didn't share your coke with them!

tattytiara said...

Coffee-tequila? Dear god. I have a hangover just reading about it.

EEbEE said...

I just found out that 70 % of the class i'm TAing are the same kiddies i taught last year.

fun times!

Helen said...

Cam: that sounds so cool! I want to go there now! Well I already did, but now I want to go even more!

Po: ew, thanks for the warning! and I agree, but they can't be convinced for some reason...

Candice: I'm' not sure you do, it's a bit scary!

Kath: I blame OBE (a dark period in education) Im hopng the next batch will be better!

Tattytiara: it was really nice, just better to have earlier so the caffeine can wear off before bed I think...

EEbEE: we have one or two repeats, but not more than usual. They're always interesting to watch...