Thursday, July 31, 2008

A homecoming!

So I decided to take a break from whining about my rather boring life, to jump up and down squealing! Sarah, the international relations student who moved into our honours room and became as much a part of our department as I was (if not more so) has come home from JApan for a visit! It's been so quiet without her!

I felt that this was a good moment to record a few of the memories that come to mind when I think of her:

  1. She was the one to name my blog, which was the final act of persuasion in getting me to start one.

  2. She'd run around the honours room belting out classics, like "I heard it on the grapevine"

  3. Somebody complained about people using our computer lab if they weren't in our department, so the IT guy went to check. Sarah was sitting there, typing away about atrocities in Darfur or something and he went to ehr and asked if she'd seen anyone who wasn't supposed to be there. She sympathised witht he terrible nature of the simple situation and promised to keep an eye out for him. The minute he left she ran to the honours room and ahd a minor freak-out!

  4. When the Australain was around and we started the betting pool (I won't explain, it's kind of random) she used to come and sit in my lab and talk crap with him until I nearly fell off my chair giggling.

Tehre are so many more random things that happened that I'm going to have to stop this so I can focus on work today rather than just sitting giggling all morning.



Angela said...

I love your new blog design. I haven't been over here to visit in awhile.

I also love that the first post I read is about Sarah's return. You, Luke and Sarah remind me so much of Korean blogging days.

As you may or may not have heard, I'm soon off to Mexico. I hope to blog more regularly when I have a set schedule.

Hope your weekend together has been great!!

Helen said...

Thanks Angela!

I hope Mexico goes well and that we'll hear more from you soon!