Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The ethics meeting was yesterday. I have yet to hear whether my aplpication was passed or not, and I'm procrastinating going to find out. The thing is, if I have clearance I have clearance. If not, it's 2 weeks before I can apply again, and then another 2 before they have another meeting. So if I know now or later won't really change things. I'm holding thumbs that it was passed, but that's about all I can do!

Last night I cooked a really horrible dinner. Well, it was nice, as long as you didn't eat the meat. I have learned my lesson that Pick & Pay meat is to be avoided at all costs. I think it would have taken a hacksaw to cut through it! On the plus side, I made rice successfully, which is a pretty unusal event in my life. I have never figured out the whole rice thing, and prefer to make pasta or cous-cous - both of which I can cook in my sleep by now.

Last night I went to have hot chocolate with Joey, and we came to the conclusion that the only safe meat in this country is from Woolworths or Spar. We all know that Checkers is to be avoided (something that south african girls are taught as infants, along with not sitting on the seat in a public bathroom). And while P&P meat is fine, it's cut badly and always ends up super tough.

I am so going to end up a vegetarian after all this! And I can't wait for my mom to come home so I don't have to cook every night! And I'm pretty sure my father can't wait either!