Sunday, July 06, 2008

follow-up photos!

here are some pictures from the oh-so-awesome Kruger trip! I'm afraid that they really aren't as good as I'd like, but unfortunately if a leopard sits behind a bush there's not much you can do. Antelope have a way of turning their butts to you whenever you take out a camera, so at least (for your sake) I'm not including the many butt-shots I have!

A contemplative giraffe.

A contemplative lapwing. I forget which kind, the bird book is at home at the moment (and I'm not...)
A contemplative waterbuck. These are the only buck you want a butt-shot for because they have lovely white rings there!
Behind the fuzzy branch there is a leopard! Forgive me for not going around to the other side, but there was a big river in the way...
A one-eared bokkie! He was the cutest little guy! I bet he tells great stories about the time he excaped from lions...

A roadblock! That car was stuck there for quite a long time because the oncoming traffic all stopped to look! Not unlike a real roadblock actually...
A likkewaan! They're actually pretty big, and we saw a lot of them!

A chilly roller. Early in the morning all the birds were fluffy and miserable looking!

An almost butt-shot.

Those brown blobs are the cheetah and the cubs. I wish you could take photos through binoculars. Or rather that we had cameras implanted in our brains and we could photograph stuff exactly how we see it! Then again there was that movie (Final cut) where that didn't work out so well!

Elephants drinking after a very cute mass-mudbath! The babies weer rushign around trying to get the adults attention, one of them resorted to sitting between an adults front feet and jabbing at it with its trunk! They covered themselves with sand shortly afterwards.

Once again, biocular cameras! The blob in the centre is also a leopard.
A rhino! One of many, but this one had his head out the trees, which is a nice contrast to all the other pictures!


Laura said...

OMG U read it :-)
Awesome profile pics by the way!!! All about Colombia on new posting... random flow of consciousness all the same. hope ur good, chat soon!!!!!

ADDhole said...

I don't visit for weeks and all kinds of good and wonderful things happen in your life. You should thank me! But, get ready for disappointment as I am going to try to check in on your blog and world more often. Will you still have blue hair when you are old and grey or will you opt for a powdered wig or something, then?