Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chai tea

I found a box of chai tea at the supermarket and brought it into the lab. I've been drinking it constantly since then, with soya-milk and a little bit of sugar. The whole lab smells nice now!

Apparently it has as much caffeine as coffee. Is this true? Or just another myth like the coffee having less caffeine than tea myth (so not true!). Coffee has been giving me headaches so I had to give it up, which means that my caffeine levels are dangerously low at the moment!


Andy said...

Before she got knocked up, the wife used to LOVE Chai. Then again, she also put herself outside of more coffee than I thought possible, so it may have been more to do with the caffeine than the taste.

I've never tried it, but given how little I like hot drinks, I doubt it'd be my thing