Friday, January 12, 2007

More clarification

After yesterdays post (and a very sympathetic and horrified sms from Luke), I figure it was time to explain the rather hectic events unfolding in my life over the past 2 days.

I went to wits to chat to my supervisor and somehow came across sounding like I'd done a lot more research than I actually have (some catching up is in order but I'm too lazy right now). He agreed on pretty much every issue, added a few components in and said it'll be a fantastic PhD project. PHD!! I mean woooooooah! It'll take roughly 4 years and then I'll be a DOCTOR. That'll be when I'm still 25 turning 26. It's just scary! I'm really excited though, and my supervisor has been treating me VERY differently. In a good way. It just feels like he wants me to be around and he's excited for my project too. He also spent a huge chunk of today doing admin for me (writing letters, getting things stamped, getting me approved to change my application from masters to doctorate and so on) and then actually called me to tell me all the news rather than just emailing me in a week's time which is what he usually does. He's also giving me a 3 year scholarship, which on top of my other scholarship (I don't know if I have it yet) will give me a pretty nice bunch of funding.

The iguana died. Rest in peace. I will look at my scars with a new fondness and explain to the people who think I tried to kill myself that they were the product of a somewhat tricky relationship with a temperamental reptile who I cared about rather a lot.

That's it for now!