Monday, January 29, 2007

Good thing I have a lawyer...

I may just be overreacting as usual, but I think I must just kill my supervisor by the end of the year.

For starters I got to wits this morning after a very busy time of trying to find my brother's fiance's sisters house (she told me left instead of right on the phone and I got really lost in a suburb I didn't even know existed until today). I'm also not feeling too good yet, although I was ok-ish until about 2 or so, but being sick always makes me a bit more emotional than usual.

It was fine until I went to go see him. I got to see Vanessa again, which was fantastic! We all thought she'd be moving to a different department, but it turned out she's staying! It's really awesome and she has her own room, which is really nice but a bit on the dusty side. A temporary situation of course.

Anyway, just to clarify, the last time I went to my supervisor, I outlined what I wanted to do and he said it was all fantastic, but too big for a masters, hence the Big PhD Decision. All fine. So today I went to find out what it is that I'm actually supposed to be doing (there's no structure, which is horrible!) and he pretty much said that I don't really have a project outline, gave me a bunch of ideas and then pretty much questioned whether what I wanted to do would actually fit in or not. So basically the last time he just said yes to everything to force me into a PhD.

I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that I know have to prove what I want to do to the person who has already okayed it twice, or the fact that I have to get through 4 years without throttling the guy.


Anonymous said...

geeeez supervisors seem like the dodgiest of characters!

Helen said...

I might just quote you on that! ;)

Anonymous said...

Castration is also a valid way to punish him. You really don't have to kill him. Stupid people like that should be castrated in order to ensure that the world doesn't continue to be filled with stupid people.

I also hear that tar and feathering works well.

Helen said...

I love you Travis! That really made me laugh when I needed to! Thanks!