Monday, January 08, 2007


I was working at Sunninghill again today. It's really boring, and has the added advantage of nothing working. We have no scanner so we have to type in all the barcodes, which is tremendous fun, the keyboard occasionally stops entirely too. Today the backup didn't work (and this is vital as if we're robbed during the night we need to prove exactly what we lost in order for the insurance to pay up, and the only way for that is the backup disc). I managed to get around it by formatting a blank CD (that was read-only in spite of being a RW) and restarting the computer a few times. By then my shift was more than over, and a flood of customers arrived and sat for half an hour choosing movies (which are not backed up now because the thought of doing it again killed me).

Anyway, the point of this post is: movies. I've been watching a lot lately because I've been working alone. Weirdly enough, the ability to pick a movie quickly and stick to it only exists when I'm sitting for 2 or 3 people who disagree. Joey says it's an Aries thing: we don't back down. I don't believe in star signs, but that was just creepy! So I'm basically drifting around trying to find something. Unfortunately that branch I'm at is small and we only get a few copies of the blockbuster mainstream stuff, comapred to the other branch where we have a lot of series and independent movies.

So: lousy movies I've watched in the 3 days:

  1. Date movie. Don't ask me why, I was desperate!
  2. Just my Luck (the most boring thing I've ever watched the opening scene of).
  3. My super ex-girlfriend (such a different idea, so badly done. and Uma's too old for those boots, I'm sorry).
  4. Grease (I blame Lara. We laughed a lot though!)

Mediocre movies I've watched in the last 3 days:

  1. Groove. I'm sorry Luke, I'm sure if you've been to raves and stuff it's better, but I just felt really sorry for the guy who just wanted to go home.
  2. Confetti. It had some fantastic moments, but it was disappointing. I also got quite bored by two of the 3 couples.
  3. Cars. It's just plain boring.

Good movies I've watched in the last 3 days:

  1. October sky. But i knew it already, it's one of my favourite movies.

The ratio of 4:3:1 shows how desperate I am! Anyone who likes the same kind of movies as me (eg Garden State; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Don't Say a Word) PLEASE recommend something! i have 4 shifts to go before I go away next week!


Luke said...

I'm sorry that you were unaffected by the sheer awesomeness of the movie 'Groove'. Perhaps there is something wrong with you...dead inside maybe?

Incase you are slowly going purple with rage at this point, all of the above was sarcasm. I didn't really think that you would enjoy it all that much anyway.

I suggest that you watch the movie 'Bagdad Cafe' and that if you havn't seen it yet, 'The Holiday'. I loved those as well as all the movies on your list.

sarah said...

hmmm hated eternal sunshine but like the rest soooo ...

the life of david gale
hotel rwanda
i heart huckabees

i will think of more soooon