Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm lousy at being sick with dignity.

I'm sick. as in congested, dizzy, so hot that I'm freezing (why my poor hypothalamus puts up with me...) and unable to breathe. It's weird that I'm sick so often lately. I was sick for a lot of honours but I put that down to stress and eating too much junk food. Now that I'm on holiday, relaxing and actually eating salad a lot, I keep getting sick. Maybe I'm just cut out for the academic lifestyle after all?

I also found out that the scholarship forms for me to go overseas were actually due 3 weeks ago, either I wrote it down wrong when I phoned them or they made a mistake. I'm not too upset because I've been doing a lot of thinking and I had decided that I didn't really want to go for it for a bunch of reasons that I won't put here. I was going to anyway, but now it's decided for me. So now I'm just waiting for wits to get its act together and tell me if I got a scholarship or not (if I didn't I'll be SO annoyed!) so I can get started with thinking about this year. I planned out a project already that is very different to anything I've ever done and that my supervisor has ever done (he doesn't know about it yet...) and I'm trying to find some articles to back me up, but it seems that I got a bit too original because nobody has ever done anything like it before. I'm waiting for him to get back from holiday so I can go talk about it. I'm also supposed to be getting my project from last year ready for publication, but I only managed to read 3/4 of my abstract before I found the third typo, so I just couldn't look at it anymore. I hate looking at projects once they're in and finished.

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy a lot. I dislike it on principle: it's unoriginal (covering very little that E.R and Scrubs haven't done ages ago), the 'drama' is ridiculous, and it's written by someone who has no idea about anything, but 'likes medical shows' so decided to write one. It's fun though and I enjoy it occasionally, if just to marvel at how ridiculous the story is getting. Some of the actors are really good too. The thing is, I have nothing to watch at the moment because I'm waiting for Jo to get her act together and bring me the Lost and PrisonBreak that she has at home, and I just discovered how much fun it is to watch DVDs on my laptop in bed. So I decided to get started. and I guess it can't be so bad beasue I have 2 episodes to go until I'm done with Season 1.

I worked today with Nicky and Jo. Jo had stuff to do that she's been putting off for a bit because, as nice as Nicky is, it's pretty much a fulltime job working with her. She's pretty insecure and needs to check everything before she does it. we also organise everything by 5digit codes, and she's dyslexic, so we have to keep an eye on her. She's pretty amazing that she manages so well and so cheerfully, and she doesn't let it upset her at all. I'm pretty sure once she gets used to it she'll be fine, it'll just take a while for her to get to know everything. I just sat and had some corenza-C type stuff that's pineapple flavoured and made me really dizzy, but somewhat less congested. When I got home I passed out to the incessant screeching of my grandparents' budgies who I'm babysitting at the moment.

Now I'm going to try and give my bird to my dad (she's upset by the budgies and got a bit clingy) so that I can collapse on my bed with tomato soup and the last 2 episodes of Grey's anatomy.


sarah said...


how can you not loooo-ove greys?!?!? you ARE sick! ;)

seriously thats as upsetting as when ipod boy told me he didnt like it when animated movie characters sang songs. atrocious!

Helen said...

I'm sorry. It's not that I dislike it, it's just that I don't think I'll be knocking people over to get the next season of it. And why can't they think up something other than a tumour? There are, on average, 4 tumours per episode.

And yes, I'm sick. I slept for 13 hours yesterday (it would have been longer but I stayed up late finishing the first season).

And it's awesome when animated movie characters sing songs. That's why hoodwinked was so awesome! The goat!