Wednesday, January 10, 2007

and it all starts again...

Schools went back today. So the lovely, calm, Christmas season non-traffic became the usual Joburg, road-rage with broken robots experience that we know and love so much. And for some reason, although I'm technically still on holiday, it all got hectic. MAybe it's a built-in thing from 12 years at school.

Today started with a fantastic experience of sleeping through my alarm clock (after sitting up until 2am playing the Sims2 on my laptop. The game is evil!) and waking up 15 minutes after I was supposed to be at Carla's place meeting the other bridesmaids and being measured for my dress. I got there a mere 40 minutes late, and ended up chatting to her and another girl until 1pm, when I realised I'd promised to drop off a DVD with a friend for movie-night tonight. So I went careening home, fetched it, dropped it off, got some lunch and managed to go and see Jo for 20 minutes before my shift started at 3.

Tomorrow I have to get the dog to the vet and home in time to clean my car out and go fetch someone at 9:30 to go for coffee to get her back by 11:30 so I can go to wits and see my supervisor about what I'm doing this year. Somewhere in between all that I need to start studying for the field trip next week. And go sunblock-shopping. With a 2 month break you'd think I'd get everything done in time.

Speaking of which, I'd better do some research on what I actually want to work on this year. Otherwise I haven't got much of a hope of being able to do it. Tomorrow will be an interesting test of my manipulating and persuading skills! Wish me luck!

I watched Thumbsucker today. I've wanted to see it for ages! It was a good movie but SO depressing I hated it! So I started watching Lords of Dogtown, but didn't get time to finish it. It was actually a lot of fun!

Here's a picture of a frog that we rescued from a swimming-pool in Darling. He was so cute!


Luke said...

Well Helli-pooh, you don't need to worry about all of that now that you are doing a PHD!!!O my gas! U r SO lucky!

I am somewhat consoled though as I am going to meet Josh tomorrow...heh heh!

Seriously, 10 points for your PHD! You seem to be filling your aspiration of 'brilliant academic' rather well!