Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just another day*

*Names, details and everything else changed to protect my job and general dignity.

Phone rings, I answer it.

"Hello! You didn't respond to my meeting request, do you not understand that the meeting request means you have to be there?" ah, that client.

"Yes I did, and as I asked for you to approve a document for a full 10 days and you didn't, I sent it in to the Powers That Be, which makes our deadline tomorrow."

"but it can't be. We haven't met yet."

"I am aware of that, and we can make amendments later, but we can't tell then a date and then not do it. It's a long drive to deliver everything and I have to do it tomorrow, I can't be back for a 9am meeting and get it delivered in office hours, and I can't leave it for a driver because it's too important."

"Can't we just change the due date?"

"I asked you to confirm by 4pm, 3 days ago and sent multiple emails explaining that if I didn't hear from you I would submit. Your boss said you would respond. We can't change it now."

"Oh ok, you should have done that ages ago."

"Yes, well tomorrow is the day."

"But what about changes? we haven't met yet?"

"We can make amendments later, but the documents need to be delivered tomorrow."

"Ok, we will discuss it at the meeting tomorrow."

Hangs up.

An hour later I get an email approving the document that needed approved last week, hence giving me the deadline that makes me unavailable for the meeting. And she sends another meeting request.