Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And they didn’t ask me for a guest performance?


Picture from here

Drama updates to continue tomorrow when I feel able to deal with them.

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

bang-head-bang-head-bang… and so on

I guess I should just kick myself for whining about not having anything particularly blog-worthy…

This week has been absolutely drama-filled! I actually want to go and hide under my bed until it all passes right now. Between realising on Tuesday that pretty much everyone around me is unhappy. It upsets me to see people I care about hurting and I ended up feeling very useless and helpless at my being unable to change anything for them.

I’m also house-sitting at the moment which has been completely and utterly drama-filled as one of the dogs developed a nasty stomach-bug a few hours before I got there. So besides figuring out where the cleaning supplies were within 1.2 minutes of getting there, I’ve had an unhappy dog at the vet (who is the best boss ever and I’m so glad I could take her there) and a stressed-out owner who needs details on her condition 24/7, another dog who is missing his friend and owner and a mysterious and large hole in the duvet that totally wasn’t there yesterday.

I generally avoid house-sitting as I stress out about looking after other people’s stuff, but this ne has been remarkably relaxed, possibly because of everything going wrong so at least I’m not worrying about what might go wrong, and instead I get to deal with it.

It’s also a friend’s birthday today and she lost a family member this morning so I’m worried about her as well.

As I said drama-drama-drama! I may have to go and hide until it all goes away!

Oh and as promised: 


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Not quite sure what to say

I’m kind of annoyed with this at the moment… it’s become the ‘what I did on my weekend’ rant rather than anything vaguely interesting as I’m too busy being busy to actually do much that’s interesting.

So what can I say?

People have been disappointing me a lot lately, from people who hurt my friends (or don’t make them happy but are OK with not-unhappy) to people who were friends who have to one-up me all the time.

The first story isn’t mine to tell, other than that I hope it all resolves soon in one way or another, and if my kneecap-removal skills are required I’m more than happy to use that crazy-frog-blaring-plastic-axe from chinatown. Seriously, pass the cactus.

The second story is hard to explain. I guess sometimes when people wake up and realise that life isn’t really what they’d planned they attack anyone around them. I’ve been saddened to find one of my good friends is so angry right now that she has turned very hostile. I am trying to rescue the friendship based on many years of good memories but I’m getting very tired of letting things slide. Maybe it’s better to cut ties and remember her as who she was? Or is it better to hold on and work at a friendship that meant so much to me and risk destroying the memories completely?

We went to Chinatown today to get Leia a tiara except that the tiara place closed earlier than we had expected. Either way we got a mildly ill-making lunch at Good Luck Fast Food (they serve vegetable and chemical egg soup), stocked up the party-drawer in the lab and got big buckets of slime for myself and Luke. There was also the awkward axe incident…

I’m house-sitting for a friend from today so lets hope I don’t break anything, have any major issues or get attacked by the giant dogs (my mother’s particular worry)…

Have a great week and I’ll try and find something interesting to say tomorrow!