Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome back princess!

Leia is home from Malawi! It’s been been very calm and quiet in the lab without the other crazy one, and she’s seeming very cool and intrepid after all her adventures!

And we have a new coffee machine!

Coincidentally I spent last weekend house-sitting for her parents, which was an interesting experience. The dogs are awesome, but the house was so clean I spent most of the time terrified of making anything dirty. White bed-linen is not for the faint-hearted! It was nice to have some calm and quiet and time to just be alone with myself and think things through.

It’s also quite odd that over the last few days Plus-1 and I saw 3 movies: 1 zombie (I’ve imposed a 1-zombie-movie-a-week law), 1 horror (but where’s Kyle?) and one live-action anime. The non-anime-anime was super-cool, and now I need a scabbard for my sword so I can practice the uber-cool kicking it out over my head and catching it by the handle move. I may die.

Anyway it’s totally normal that I’m excited to have Leia back, considering that she proposed…

DSC01712 Romantic, no?

So welcome back Leia, and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of stories of your adventures to giggle over soon!

megs not posing Leia, looking adventurous. Or intrepid. There should be a word for that, like intrepiventurous!


po said...

Um. Did she propose to you? Congrats??

What anime did you watch? I'm always looking out for good ones.

Kath Lockett said...

I'm with Po - did she propose to you, or to....?

And whatever the answer to the above question, what was the answer to her proposal ??

Cam said...

So machine :(

Candice said...

Have you said "yes" to Leia's proposal yet? It's been over a month now!

Leia said...

Just to clear things up: there were no words that went with the photo - we mimed the whole thing, so technically it was a pseudo-proposal...

I dont remember the "answer" though!

Shania said...

Oh my goodness, white bed linens? With dogs? Someone's brave. (or they've just trained their dogs, unlike me)

Helen said...

Po: it was called Blood: the Last Vampire

definitely different to what I'm used to, but it was very cool!

Kath, Po: she proposed to me on the hike. It was a beautiful spot and the boys had gone off to find the missing Game bottle (go isotonics!) so we were bored... I also have a history of being proposed to randomly so it seemed fitting.

Cam: believe it! If you're ever in the area feel free to drop in for coffee :)

Candice: no... I was too shocked and overwhelmed at the time, and right now I don't think that the plus-1 would be too impressed... (and you said he could stay...)

Leia: sorry. I hope you can move on with your life and stuff.

Shania: the dogs were awesome, and even though they did jump on the bed they didnt seem to leave a mark so we're safe (for now)!

Tamara said...

intrepiventurous... I like it!