Monday, August 25, 2008

The wrong elephant

The title is the punchline to a joke I heard at a 21st on friday night (yes, I dragged myself, hacking and wheezing to spend about 2 hours with a bunch of kids who made me feel old, while spending quality time with a few friends of my age who felt equally old to be surrounded by a bunch of 16-year old goth and emo kiddies who were plastered by 8pm (to the point of breakdancing and hugging me). It was fun, although I was glad to leave when 9pm arrived ad I was exhausted from a week of waking myself by coughing several times a night, and apparently an hour after I let the kiddies (and the birthday girl) threw up uncontrollably and passed out, so I missed the 'fun stuff' and just got the chatting and dancing and other 'old person fun' before I went home ridiculously early.

I'm getting old!

I went home and straight to bed, where I coughed all night and woke myself up several times (it's kind of like an auto-reminder for cough mixture: yep, 3 hours is up, I can have another dose!). After work at the vet on saturday I went straight hmoe and back to bed, where I stayed for the next 18 hours or so. So thanks to the commentors on the last few post - I heeded your advice! I've been trying to sleep in a relatively sitting-up position to avoid getting a chest infection, and I think I was finally tired enough to sleep in that rather weird position. I think adding another pillow and a bundled-up blanket helped too.

I woke up on Sunday still achey and tired, but able to breathe, not coughign as much, and able to go out in public without a box of tissues wedged under my arm. I decided to spen my morning doing something useful, and as my supervisor had emailed me a new paper, I went off to university and spent a very relaxing (if not necessarily productive) afternoon in the lab.