Friday, August 08, 2008


After reading more papers all day I realised that I was tires when I was reading a paper on eyes (visual ecology) and found myself wondering what an "e yes" was. To break it up a bit, I went to Wikipedia and clicked on the link for a random article. This is what I got:

Signalman Kenneth Smith GC was posthumously awarded the George Cross for the bravery he showed on the night of the 10th of January, 1945 on the island of Ist in the Adriatic.
On patrol with fellow members of the Long Range Desert Group, he picked up a ticking bomb which saboteurs had placed in a wireless room in a house sheltering women and children. He managed to get a few yards outside the house before it exploded, saving the lives of his army comrades, partisans and civilians.[1] The citation published in the London Gazette on the 19th of October 1945 praised his "superb courage and complete disregard for personal safety"

a complete disregard for personal safety should ALWAYS be praised!