Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Once again, the restorative powers of soup!

I discovered yesterday that although allergies may have played a role, that I had full-on flu. After an entirely non-productive morning where I nearly cried at the futility of my attempts at visual modelling and Luke was really kind and offered sympathy and bought me popcorn (I will write something about the restorative powers of popcorn at some stage, although it is only a temporary fix - a bit like a band-aid when you need a cast and a hospital bed).

Just after lunchtime when I went all over campus looking for lunch and deciding that I didn't want anything I gave up and went home. I took some work with me, but halfway home I realised that with several layers of clothing, a scarf and the heater on full I was shivering violently. By the time I got home I had all of the aches and pains of flu to go with my fever and I couldn't even swallow the cough syrup that I hadn't poured all over my carpet the night before.

So I made a hot water bottle and crawled into bed. I woke up at sevenish and went to a 24-hour grocery store to get throat lozenges and tomato soup, and then went straight back to bed. I woke up this morning a little bit congested but otherwise fine! As I felt like death after my 4 hour nap in the afternoon, I must give credit for the recovery to the fantastic restorative powers of tomato soup!

So forget the flu-caps and vitamin C, just drink soup!


SuvvyGirl said...

Well I'm glad you are feeling better. Next time try a tabelspoon of honey instead of cough syrup. It works wonders for me and kills all of the bad bacteria in your throat while tasting so much better than that other stuff. :)

Helen said...

suvvygirl: I wish I could! when I was small my mom would give me tea made with lemon, thyme and honey and it cured colds so quickly! Unfortunately with those awkward teenage years I developed a very unpleasant allergy to honey - so while my throat might get better I'd end up in hospital with a violent allergic reaction!