Thursday, February 08, 2007

national bizzare day

The 7th of February is now officially 'Bizarre day'

It all started out in my usual reading-blogs procrastination session of the morning. I stumbled across this post: this post
It mentioned the 'awkard' turtle, a hand signal that could be used in an awkward situation to express the awkwardness of a situation without saying anything to the instigator of said awkwardness. It kind of replaced mutterring 'Awwwkward!' in a high-pitched voice or saying 'this isn't awkward at all' to each other.

Anyway, shortly after reading it, I actually started getting some work done, when Luke arrived to beg me to stand with him in all the queues for registration. So after finishing the paper I was reading Iwent off to join him and explained the turtle thing. Then it all started.

At first it was small things, like the girl in the queue behind us standing really close and giving me a really angry look, or people we didn't like takling to us as if we were all best friends. It escalated to seeing that the guy who makes our student-cards has put a picture from Dragonball-Z onto his card instead of his photo and Luke saying "Be friends with the strangers. They stop you from going CrAzY!' as a rather odd looking individual walked into the room that we were leaving (same doorway. Awwwkward!). By the time Luke's registration was over my thumbs were beginning to ache from the turtle sign.

Once that was all done I went back to the lab and pretended to work, when my supervisor and one of his new students walked in and had several awkward moments (although that's not too unusual, as anyone who knows the guy will tell you!) along with a long discussion about keeping a spot for someone whose name is still a mystery. Then we sat and looked at dead chameleons for about 20 minutes before I ended up on a quest for distilled water and he ran off past me going 'Shooo-eee!' - which is also not too unusual.

About an hour later Luke and I headed off to get lunch where we stood behind some gigantic guy who was getting way too friendly with his girlfriend in the queue, while very loudly yelling about the fact that there were 'too many faggots wearing pink' around. The only people anywhere near him were Luke (wearing blue) and myself (a girl).

After that, while we were waiting for our food we went to get drinks, and all of them were warm, so we went, warm drinks in tow, back to steers to fetch our food and switch the drinks for cold ones. The were really sweet about it and exchanged them for me, when some random guy at the counter started a conversation with me about the good deal I had got because he triend and they made him buy a new drink. Awwkward.

From that we went to watch the Weakest Link that Laura was running, where there were some unbelievably stupid contestants (Q: what is the white of the egg called? A: the yolk!) and a rather annoying presenter. Tom won and we were very happy for him.

After going back to the lab during a million other bizarre things that I can't even remember I was almost trembling with the weirdness of the day. I ahd an hour or two in which I procrastinated once more, before Laura called to say that the pub-crawl had reached Biosoc. So we went and met some rather strange people, including 'well-endowed girl', some guy with a palm-frond down his pants, Laura's friend Selwyn and a few others.

We joined the pubcrawl for a little bit, but as we hadn't got tickets, we couldn't get free drinks and sharing Laura's wasn't working too well, so we left and went back to Biosoc. The whole point of this was to get free drinks from a guy we're friends with there, but he'd left so we ended up sitting with a bunch of honours students for about an hour and a half chatting. It was really nice. I've missed the social side of being in honours. I don't miss the insane workload, but I really miss the honours room and all the people we used to see and the weird conversations we had.

By the time we left it was too late for me to go off to a church thing, but I was glad about that. Not because I didn't want to go, but becuse my mom was going to talk to them about a lot of the things she said on Sunday, including evolution and I thought it would be better for me to stay out of it rather than get annoyed and offend people and cause trouble. I figured that if I'd resolved an issue for myself I should let the others do that too, rather than forcing my views on them.

The final weird thing for the day was when my mother got home and we sat and talked about it for a while. It's very unusual because usually a conversation with my mother is either instructions from her and single-syllable answers from me, or it escalated into an argument in a few seconds. But I sat on the kitchen floor cleaning out my dog's paws (she has allergies) and she sat at the table with coffee and we discussed a whole bunch of stuff. Like what we believe and how it fits together and how it's ok sometimes if we can't understand. It was really really nice.

So diarise it now. 7th Feb, is INTERnational bizarre day!


Anonymous said...

weird. . .

sarah said...

helly... i did NOT miss the pub crawl. although i hear sandwich boy was there! i miss him! ;) he he he

Luke said...

I really wish that we could remember all the odd stuff that happened!...somehow this post doesn't quite capture the incredible weirdness of the day...