Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's hot...

It it SO hot today, I don't know what to do with myself. I want to swim, but I have so much work to do still.

I was planning on working at work yeasterday morning, but when Matt arrived still drunk from the night before I had to do actual job-work rather than reading papers and so on. Then I ahd to rush off to do some shopping for Lara's birthday and then off to her birthday party last night. It was fun, at a Greek restaurant in the Design quarter, a centre I've never been to before. They have a Primi there, which was right next door. It was really nice to see Drew and Justin again, I really missed them, but I'm afraid that it was a bit awkward because most of our little gang (Joey, Justin, Drew, Nikki - who wasn't there, and so on) really don't like Lara's other friends very much. So we just sat in awkward silence for a lot of the evening. Drew was in a particularly bad mood, and as I was next to him it didn't help much...

Once Drew and Justin left it got better and the evening finished up with the waiters coming around to sing happy birthday, but first they blasted us with some kwaito-type music and made her dance with them! It was hysterical! She was still relatively soberish when I left, but half an hour later I got an sms from her to say 'thank you for your friendship' which makes me wonder about what happened next!

Work this morning was the usual, except that Nikkie (not Nikki) failed to arrive for her shift. So Matt and I watched Will Farrell movies and I failed to get any other work done, once again!

So I'm off to work now, I sketched out a basic outline for a project at work today, so now I just need to flesh it out with some actual research!

Here is a picture I took in Namaqualand while Luke and I were exploring our 'back garden (i.e. the mountains behing our house just over a small fence. Climbing it was always an adventure!).