Wednesday, July 06, 2011


So after waiting two months for my supervisor to bother reading a draft I got it back. And he hates it. I told P1 a while ago that the worst thing you can get back is something with almost no comments on it because it means that it’s beyond saving. I changed my mind. Worse than that is something with a solid column of red down one side which is a combination of chunks being deleted and comments such as ‘what is the point of this? why did you even do this study?’

Not to mention when he got too annoyed with doing that and started leaving comments like ‘this paragraph doesn’t fit. Delete.’ and then ‘read comments for above paragraph’

Which wouldn’t be all that bad – I mean at least I know where I’m going wrong (answer, pretty much everywhere) except that I’ve been waiting so long I actually had another draft ready to go and a third one almost there.

I’m just glad that the flu made me lazy and I didn’t get much done for the last week because I was too tire. Everything else from the last 8 weeks has just been deleted and started over.

And I pay R16000 a year for this?

If it wasn’t for the gaping 5 year hole in my CV I’d be halfway to Sweden by now. Either way I’d always expected the next time I cried myself to sleep to be over boy trouble or friend drama. I expected wrong.

Oh well. Back to work.


Fiona said...

I'm sorry to hear it wasn't a hit but try keep your head up. Critism is never fun but it often helps us out and makes us do better.

What are you studying?

Candice said...

Welcome to my life! Maybe we should start a support group? Either way, big, big hugs!!! This too shall pass - one day. I hope.

Luke said...

Ouch...I'm sorry. I hate getting stuff back too, but it sounds like he pulled a major number on your stuff! What lab-work do you have to do now?! You've already done so much!